Monday, September 21, 2009

Forecast and Faery Finder for 09/22/09

Forecast and Faery Finder
By Janice Scott-Reeder and the Bitwit

Happy Fall Equinox! Happy Mabon!

According to Llewellyn’s Spell-a-Day Almanac, today’s color is Scarlet and the incense is Basil.


Deck: Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea.

Today’s Tarot Card is the Five of Pentacles: adversity. The key word for this card is hopelessness. Don’t blame yourself and others for financial loss or theft of material goods. This is a minor setback that moves you forward and actually kicks you closer to your goals. Make informed decisions.

Astrological Source: Llewellyn’s 2007 Daily Planetary Guide.
The Sun enters Libra at 5:19 PM EDT and the Fall Equinox occurs. For a couple of days expect a lot of talk about limitations, rules and regulations. Are they constructive talks or just excuses to block anything new? Mercury doesn’t like to be slowed down so there will be repercussions. The morning starts with a lot of energy being poured into home and family areas but the time is not ripe for financial matters. By afternoon, people can really push your buttons and the lesson is you need to stop reacting in old patterns. A secret admirer comes out of the closet this evening but is it romance or stalking? You need to make a careful decision on the one. Good news arrives late in the evening and by night’s end you see the way out of your problem. Sweet Dreams!

Deck: Healing with the Fairies.
The Faeries say laughter is the best medicine today. Give it a try!

Today’s Cat Comfort Card is Catnip. “You could do with a pick-me-up. Try something you really like today.”

Deck: The Fairies’ Oracle by Brian Froud & Jessica MacBeth
Today’s Faery Finder is on the lookout for all the Fae. When the Equinoxes occurs, all the Fae in that moment of balance stick their heads into this dimension for a look at how we are doing with their planet. So, keep your eyes open and see who comes out to play with you today!

Today’s Lo Shu Number is 6 and the Element is metal. The Rat finds conflict today but the Rooster has ease. Today is not an auspicious day for haircuts, medical procedures, writing, gambling, construction or births.

Today’s Message from the Universe is: “The plan of my life is now unfolding step by step, according to the will of my Higher Self. I acknowledge each one of its stages with serenity, detachment and joy, knowing that I am always lovingly and wisely guided on my path toward the full realization of my true potential.” Annie Marquier creating a world of peace one thought at a time.


What is it with my cats that they have to bounce off me or the laptop to get across the room? Today Lady Jayne hit me with her huge back paw right on the forehead. I had decided to leave the little scab on the right side unbandaged as doctor had and she knock it off. I saw stars for an hour. At least it looks healed.

Today is the Fall Equinox. The four turning points of the year our Druid festivals. The Fall Equinox falls at the moment the sun enters Libra. The time between light and dark are perfectly balanced, ie. The day and night are equal. At this moment all things hang in the balance and will tip in the next moment. Hence, it is a very powerful time magically and many things can be affected at that moment. But, careful planning of one’s ritual is needed as it only lasts that one moment, not all day. The Moment is: 5:19 PM EDT. Stop whatever you are doing and giving the Universe a push toward the goals that benefit all of us.

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