Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shadow People and Creatures

At some point almost everyone has heard of the Shadow People or seen one. No one is at all certain what they are. My experience yesterday was very, very strange.
I took a nap and awoke at dusk with Napoleon next to me. The change in my breathing must awaken him as he always awakens with me. About a foot from me was a three dimensional shadow being that looked like 2 foot tall reptilian or Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Napoleon sprang out of bed towards the air conditioner where a second one about six inches tall was. He saw it! He attacked it. Then he hit the window and there was a lizard on the window, its shadow showing through the window film. They were all in straight line to the lizard on the window. He kept one paw on the window where the lizard was until I turned the lights on and all the shadows disappeared.
That was weird, even for me.....

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