Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Order of Assassins

Pay close attention to the symbols and patterns and then think about where else you see them.

The closest most of you have come to the Order of Assassins in the famous book and film made there of. Unfortunately, there was a lot of literary license with both and the real origin and purpose of the assassins may surprise you. You may be asking yourself shortly, “where have I seen that lately?”

When Mohammed died, there was a great fight over who would inherit the throne so to speak. Islam broke into two factions, the Shia sect that believed in the apocalyptic version of the Bible and Koran and the Shiites, who believed in the Millennium or Day of Judgment followed by 1000 years of peace and spirituality. You may notice at this time that Christianity actually embraced both versions of the 'end of times'.

The Shia sect broke apart and one faction became the Ismaili which gave birth to the Assassins. The Ismaili were organized like a Masonic Lodge complete with secret symbols, initiations and a strong belief in an Apocalypse and a coming Messiah. Hasan-i Sabbah was a member of the 'lodge' and after a particularly long and bad illness was convinced God had given him a divine mission. It was more of a business plan than anything divine.

He managed to convince the lodge to let him form his own little chapter at the top of the mountain called an Almut or 'Eagle's Nest or teachings'. (Watch the symbols, folks.) Now, Assassin actually comes from “hashshishin” which translates to user of hashish.

You guessed right when you began to think they were a bunch of druggies getting their inspiration from a drugged out dream however, you would be wrong if you thought that was their only purpose. In each of these Almuts, a beautiful garden was created watered by 3 streams of wine, water and milk. The garden contained every plant imaginable. This would enhance the drugged experience and of course, the availability of drugs provided an enticement to join.

But the Almuts had other ideas. Through assassinations of public officials in very public venues, they managed a nice network of extortion and became very wealthy and very, very feared. They ran into a little problem in recruiting assassins. The prerequisite poor, fanatical young men figured out rather quickly that assassinating a beloved public figure in a very crowded public area guaranteed you were not going survive and there was a shortage of suicidal young men. So, the Order of Assassins came up with a, excellent may have seen it recently...

They would find a fanatic, drug him and take him to the sacred garden which even had the sacred prostitutes in it. For three days his every whim was indulged and he truly thought he had gone to Heaven. On the third night, he was drugged again returned to his hovel. Now all anyone had to do was convince him that to return to Heaven all he had to do was assassinate their target and as you might expect, still brain addled from the drugs, wine and women, he forgot about the suicide part and even if it crossed his mind, he had already seen Heaven and was going back. It was real!

The two tenets of the assassins code were to kill a famous, beloved person in a very, very public place.

It is much easier to assassinate someone in a private location, where no one is going to get you and the job is done. The Assassins survived by instilling terror in the masses. No one was safe because they just killed your leader. People easily paid tribute to them far and wide.

Do they exist today? Take a good look around. They never really were a “Muslim Order” or a religious group. They were more of a Mystery Lodge organized similar to the Masonic Lodge. Their primary purpose was extortion and when they were finally targeted, they simply disappeared or did they just become the invisible army of another political force?

Drugs were an important part of their control of assassins and the last two shooters we experienced were on heavy psychiatric medications. Every assassination attempt, successful or not, on a president has been in a public place at a public event. Really, it would be much easier and safer to nail them in the garden taking a walk with a long range rifle. All the assassins have been addled when they were apprehended and shortly killed going back to JFK.

The Lone Assassin is a myth. The government's own investigation suggested further investigation was needed into JFK and Robert Kennedy's assassinations as it appeared the assassins did NOT work alone. Were they part of this network? You have to wonder as you look at that huge eagle and consider that they intended to dismantle the Federal Reserve. JFK had announced his intentions very shortly before his trip to Dallas. The Order of Assassins were very, very rich and undoubtedly one of the founding members of the banking cartel. Makes you wonder when the template for action seems to be the same for hundreds of years, doesn't it?

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