Thursday, July 4, 2013

Are you REALLY sure God isn't in Government?????

Today's comment of idiocy.....”We have to put GOD back in government”

Okay, let's see. Has any Congressman of the GOP/Tea Party ilk missed a Sunday in Church? Nope. Everyone of them is a Christian. They have so far controlled the Congress, blocked all legislation except that pertaining to abortion and the FAA getting small jets off the ground faster and taken a large number of vacations. So, explain to me why you think GOD isn't in government?

How can McConnell, Rand (Catholic) and Boehner, who are running Congress and have brought the government to a standstill, claim to be good Christians and tell you that GOD isn't running the government when they ARE running the government. All their legislation has been Christian anti-abortion, anti-birth control bills. Where is this Christian God not?

When you go to church, I want you to look at who is sitting on the front pew. Now I know exactly what you are going to say. Mrs Rich *itch and her Husband donate so much to the Church.

Not exactly, my poor friend because there is BIG difference between donate and fund raise. You, the poor folk that don't get the prime seating; donate. You are the ones who give your old clothes and things for the rummage sale, except you are actually giving stuff away you could use. Mrs. Rich is giving away stuff she doesn't want to pay to dry clean, has gone out of style or one of her friends bought the same outfit. You are using your cake mix, flour, eggs and milk for that bake sale. She is buying something at the bakery, keeping tabs on how much she spent and getting a deduction for it off her taxes because, you don't even itemize. Same with hubby there.....everything he is donating, transportation, show room, even the poor employees he ropes into doing the work are a tax deductions you are never going to see. Take a really good look at what is going on.

Do you see any poor people in the hierarchy of the church? Nope...not a one. You see managers from the local stores, large business men and politicians. Do you really think any of them believes in a thing that is being preached?

Wake up. Workers trying to organize??? Well, let's pull out the sermon of sacrifice and hard work. Want to dump little Johnny off the insurance because his diabetes is costing you too much?? Well, let's pull out the 'you are your brother's keeper' sermon and start fund raising for Johnny. It's really hard to tell how much CASH is in that jar, so let's make sure the poor folk don't write a check.

I remember when my father, the atheist, joined the Methodist Church. He did it for one reason and only one reason: business. Churches are incestuous businesses just like Universities. Members buy from wealthy members' businesses; Universities employ alumni. It's all a game. You lose.

I have met the heads of churches, had them stay in our home and I can say one thing; none of those men believed anything in that Bible. As they say, little pitchers have big ears and my hearing was once really good. They would sit around after dinner with that “god will forgive me for this really expensive whiskey” and the Cuban cigar and laugh at the women who were stupid enough to actually buy into the Bible. I actually heard one, whose name would have you dropping to your knees in genuflection, say that the Bible was the easiest way to control women and idiot children. Most of them were screwing everything in the church and note I didn't say every woman. The way they would talk about the “church ladies” was mostly boobs and ass, not good works. Have you ever taken a really good look at the get down on your knees and pray while he places his hand on your head and praises Jeeesus? Maybe you should. That was pretty much their biggest laugh on women. Just a's real easy to look down your dress in that position. I met one man that actually believed and I doubt by the end of his life he still believed. I definitely know his kids who inherited the ministry don't believe in anything but the almighty dollar.

So wake up, ladies. You are being played, big time. There is nothing in that book that benefits you. The entire book benefits men and allows them control you.

Don't believe me? Well, didn't your mother tell you men were after one thing? Let's turn the tables and imagine that instead of being a incubator, you woke up one day, looked at men and all you saw was a penis. That's all they had to offer. Instead of getting the jobs after men filled the better positions, you got the good positions and made as much as they did. You no longer had to get help to raise your children because you now have the money to do it and to hire a nanny. Take a look at the men around you and tell me you see them in the same way. Can't do it, can you? Suddenly, if he has gone to pot, you are thinking about ditching him for the pool boy. Once you find out he is lousy in bed, are you going to tie your money to him or find a better lover? Are you going to put up with being given a household budget when you are making half the money? When he is planted in front of the TV watching sports, are you going to be doing the housework or calling a lawyer?

Do you really think they don't know that?

I saw a video and it was really enlightening. In MOST of the world, women and children spend at least 4 (FOUR) hours a day carrying 22 pounds of water on each trip to their homes for drinking and cleaning. They do this on a route where they may be assaulted and killed by men and even eaten by wild animals. Now if you are weaker then men and need their protection, why aren't they getting that dangerous water? It's simple. They set up the system where you have get the water and to keep you in line, and they made it as dangerous as possible to scare you into obedience. That is the template for EVERY RELIGION. Does it really make sense that you have to be protected by the very people who are harming you?

The problem is not that GOD isn't in government, because he is in everything in government. The problem is young women aren't buying it. They see their mothers fighting for every penny, doing without, abandoned for a younger version when daddy decides to start a new family, or simply never contributing in the first place and they have decided they aren't playing. They know they can't trust anyone but themselves to care for their children. They know they need to go to college not to catch a husband but to get an education so they can get a job and not be dependent on anyone but themselves and it scares the beejeebees out of these old men that are running things. But what scares them more is that the pool fresh ass is shrinking as the young women take one look at them and say: “You're kidding, right? I have my pick of young, good looking guys. What do I want you for?” Ah, we have blue pill failure.....No wonder they embrace a rape culture. It's the only way they are getting any.

As to the young men....those that aren't in the privileged set know they need an equal partner that can earn as much as they do if they are going to have half the home and family their parents had. So they are also looking at women in a new way: as partners not pets. I wonder what will happen when the privileged pets get tired of being caged......

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