Saturday, May 17, 2014

What is real immortality like?

The Problem with Religion and History

In writing my books I have a rather unique problem: immortality. All three to four books are the stories of the individual people who wind up in a magical town with a bunch of inhabitants with a very dark secret. They were around when the human race was created. Some of them were created before the humans. Some of them were around when the creators arrived.
It is the creators that are the problem to write. Vampires are always the immortal device but at some point they were human and knew mortality. What would a truly from birth immortal race be like? Would time actually have any meaning if you never aged and died? What if you created a disposable race as workers and nothing more? Would they even have the meaning we attach to pets? Would they be nothing more than a corn crop? If time ceased to have meaning, would travel really have any import? Would it matter if you commuted 5 minutes or 10 years?
I am working on wrapping my head around this and as I do I start to see the problem with history. One thing we are finding out is we might as well scrap ancient history. The time line is completely wrong and if the time line is wrong, then the major three religions are wrong. What if their holy book is a patchwork quilt taken from a bunch of times and civilizations that existed at least 15,000 years before the book was assembled? What if the gods are immortals that truly did create man as nothing more than disposable slave labor and then failed to clean up their little experiment with a series of global catastrophes? What happens if they return to find their mining planet has fleas and those fleas are us? Those that worship them are as disposable as those who don't if they have a better model in the test tube. To them it would be yesterday. To us it is a time so far shrouded in memory we have forgotten they are the enemy. What if a couple of their kids remained behind to keep the mines in tact and in the process got a little bored and started playing games using the creatures they made as pawns?
I say mines because I awoke with a vision of the platform at Giza, which are so huge no human can climb them, were stacked with huge block of gold and I mean blocks the size of the pyramid stones. The Annunaki had backpack that allowed them to float up to the platforms but the humans were kept on the ground to make certain they didn't steal any gold. Everything was covered in gold dust from the mining and refining. Even the people were covered in fine powder of gold dust and had to keep wiping their eyes to see. The Annunaki wore goggles. Huge ships would hover and load the gold into them and take off constantly, day and night, as others brought the gold bricks and stacked them on the platform. They ran over humans like they were insects. The humans collected as much dust as they could to be formed into bricks. They didn't want a speck wasted. This grinding work never ended. There were no breaks, nothing. You worked until you died and then they swept the bodies out of the way. It was disgusting.

I am certain that in some realities I see, the split in the dimensional time line was when the Annunaki did not leave this planet. The earth is torn and very rough everywhere. It is perpetual dusk in these worlds. The sun never shines brightly and clouds cover the planet 24/7. Rivers and marshes are everywhere. There are only small patches of truly dry land. There are also very few people, little technology and most every one bikes or walks. There is no oil in that world. Then I look at Chemtrails and don't ask what they are spraying but why are they spraying. It doesn't make sense. No experiment lasts that long, unless you are immortal.

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The Druid King said...

Yes a key here is Gold why to we really value it. Until the advent of modern electronics in had no real value to Humans. So many other metals are more useful and just as hard for the common ancient human to get in usable form.

But Gold is encoded in our DNA we still collect and horde millions of Tons of it in Our Bank Vaults.

Yet we do not use coin coins.

Lets face it we are still working for the Gold Sucking Gods.