Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Furry Little Time Thieves

I have had a brilliant revelation.
People who wonder why time is moving so slowly don't have cats.
I started before 6 this morning, washing dishes, getting my half a banana and a boiled egg for breakfast, none of which actually required preparation. I made a pot of fresh coffee but the machines do the work.
I decided it was the perfect day to change the bed.
All I asked was 5 minutes alone with the bed to change the sheets out. The concept of 5 minutes alone is so very foreign to a cat that they thought I had lost my mind and called for Napoleon to come and calm me. Five whole minutes without cat help, who am I kidding???? That simply is not possible. I might do something interesting like find a whole salmon under the mattress. Obviously, I had completely lost my mind.
Finally, after screaming and having things dropped on me and all the pillows knocked down in the floor and discovering the stupid sheets are too small for a standard mattress with a topper I got the job done. I know I have used these sheets before but apparently, I had a lapse of memory or an attack of the shrink fairy who is normally confined to my closet and underwear drawer. I guess she is branching out or has sold a franchise for the linen closet. Times are hard all around. I will have to buy the bigger set of sheets from Costco.
When I finally plopped down on the new bed that Napoleon is luxuriating upon and opened the laptop it is 8 AM.
Where did the time go?

Ask the cats. They are Time Thieves.

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