Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pass the Koolaid, the UFO will be by soon to rapture you.

The last time I saw this propaganda s**t was in 1956 in a Catholic Sunday School passed out to the poor Mexicans and their kids. It was used throughout Latin America to keep the poor peasants in their place.
Let me give you the gist of it.
The poor man works for El Patron (the rich guy that pays him too little to feed his family) and can't make enough money doing his job six days a week to feed his family. The poor wife is at home with a load of kids because the CHURCH won't allow birth control but that's not in the story. So he roots through the GARBAGE every day to find enough food to feed them. One day El Patron sees him rooting in the garbage and ignores him just like he always does. Next day he mysteriously finds a bag of clean food so he no longer has to dig in the garbage. Then something happens to El Patron and the food stops coming. The poor guy is too stupid to figure out the food must be coming from El Patron until he approaches the widow for more money. She is so glad to finally find the last person her wonderful cheap ass husband was giving the left overs to that she is beside herself but doesn't give him a raise. Next day the son delivers the food to the poor guy. (Notice it is never the daughter because women are useless baggage for screwing and incubating boy babies in this society.) After a couple of days, he finds out the reason El Patron never acknowledged him is he was either hard of hearing, unable to talk without stuttering or almost blind like the son.
The moral of the story is you shouldn't judge others because you at least have your health and you don't now what they are going through.
Bulls**t. El Patron with his compound, plenty of money and big car can't afford hearing aides, glasses and a speech therapist??????????? No the Moral of the Story is: Shut Up Peasant and take whatever the Rich guy decides to give you out of his garbage. Be glad you have a job and someone's garbage can to rummage through to keep your family from starving.
The OTHER version was in the math books.
Now if Juan finds 5 apples and is running home to give them to his mother, father, sister and little brother and he runs into the priest, who he gives one to and is then blessed him, how many apples does he have. He has four apples and though he has nothing to eat, he is blessed. He is also going to bed hungry because your God lets children starve.
It was in the crap being passed out over the Internet to the FAITHFUL Evangelic Fundamentalist Christians and they were lapping it up like the flavored s**t it is.
Someone give them the Koolaide so they can get to the UFO, I mean rapture. They are too stupid to survive.

Sixty years and now the same propaganda is being passed out to PEOPLE in MY COUNTRY. We are now as third world nation being prepared to serve the Religious Rich Masters while we work ourselves to the bone to root in the dump for food while they live in their multibillion dollar compounds in the lap of luxury and if we are so very, very lucky we might get a job that doesn't pay enough to feed us opening the gates to their heaven. Oh, yes, the poor guy is always the guy opening the gate for El Patron because the gate or the yard is as far as he is every getting. Did you happen to notice the analogy to dying and going to heaven. No?? Here have some Koolaid.

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