Monday, September 7, 2015

The Perfect Moment

The Perfect Moment.

We've all heard of the Perfect Storm, that moment when against all odds all the factors needed to create the ultimate storm happen and a super storm is born to destroy everything.
Have you ever heard of the Perfect Moment?
For most people it happens when you are sitting outside, relaxing with not a care in your world and suddenly, there it is. You can't describe it but you know you are in the right place at the perfect time, doing and being exactly what you were meant to be. You are alone in this Perfect Moment and then the electric bill needs to be paid.... and you may try to return to the moment but it is gone forever, leaving you with a longing you just can't describe and a soul deep sadness.
I had a memory of that moment the other day reading Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. I know that is an odd place to have the Perfect Moment but I realized he was trying to describe with his Manifesto the Perfect Moment.
Lucky for me, I experienced or had it shown to me, this perfect moment, in a dream that has just continued to haunt me for over 20 years. It is only now that I know I was seeing my and your past and that I now know what you are seeking everywhere but the right place and that you will probably never find.
First let me go back almost 40 years when a psychic reader wanted to trade a reading for an astrological chart. She gave me a reading while I calculated the chart. Yes Virginia, we didn't have computers back then and I survived being squished by dinosaurs. She was looking at her cards very perplexed so I asked her what was wrong. She answered that I had no real connection to my parents, that they were just acquaintances that agreed to get me to adulthood in this life. I told her she was absolutely right. I had no real connection to these two people and never did and neither did they really have one to me. We were just stuck in the same place at the same time.
Now fast forward a bit to the most detailed dream I ever had and remember, what's happened before, is happening now and will happen again.
I am in a strange car that is sort like a golf cart driving down a silver road in a desert. The car is totally enclosed with glass and has no engine compartment. I actually think the method of propulsion is under the car. It makes no noise and it has no steering wheel. On the front bench seat are my parents who are nothing more than people going to the same place. Next to me is my aunt who is a friend of theirs and mine. I have a small tapestry woven bag on my lap and I am wearing a simple shift dress and sandals. Everyone is dressed simply. My aunt has a large woven bag on the floor in front of her full of things she has made. The car is nice and cool though the temperature outside must be really hot. I see the heat shimmering off the desert sand.
We take a turn off the road and suddenly I am looking at a gigantic black pyramid. It is bigger than anything you can imagine and we are driving into the center bottom of it. Once we enter the pyramid, the glass that was the doors and windows, disappears and the temperature is hotter. It is twilight in this area and the little car pulls into a parking space between other identical cars. I had the impression that no one owned the vehicles. You simply took one when you needed to travel.
We got out and I looked around. The bottom floor was huge and all sorts of goods were being sorted and moved to the upper floors. This was the supply area. The man that was my father was complaining he didn't get a outside room because they weren't staying that long. My aunt raced over to one of the supply tables and placed her bag on it for them to sort and distribute. She was excited at the prospect of shopping on the next floor, the music that night, the exotic foods and staying in this place for a while. My parents were moving on the next morning.
We took an open elevator to the next floor. You stepped out of the elevator in any direction onto glass and walked over to the stone floors around it. That way everyone could see everyone in and out of the elevator. It was truly amazing and gorgeous. This floor was shopping and people had tables of merchandise and food and everything you could possibly need laid out. One man was complimenting a woman on what she had done with the wool he had brought and she was telling another woman how this bag she had woven of the wool was perfect for what she needed to carry produce in to the upper floors. They were all happy and woman went back to her weaving loom and the man said goodbye to return to his city and flock of animals. I didn't realize at the time what had seemed so odd, but now I remember, no one exchanged money. There was no money.
I had come to this pyramid to work and I continued to the 5th floor where I was met by a bubbly little woman who took me to my compartments and she hoped I was happy with what her daughter had done. She was talking a mile a minute absolutely ecstatic about my job, the way she was organizing the clients and her daughters habitat program. I entered what could be called really minimalist space. Everything was stone except for the side which was black glass, looking out on the desert. It was absolutely beautiful. I had a south facing space so my plants would grow well and she was explaining how the gardeners had mixed the proper soil in the bin next to the window and left it ready for planting. There were other plants some of which I recognized as healing herbs and some I have never seen before in the stone planters around the room. There was even a wall fountain of water for moisture in another space that had a polished stone slab on it that was where my clients would lie. I realized I was a healer as I opened the little bag I carried in with crystals and seeds in it. Musical instruments had been provided for me in the next room and sat ready to use with some large crystals. I had brought no clothing, shoes, not even a change of panties because I would go downstairs and get everything I needed before I retired for the night. She was telling me how much the chefs looked forward to my tasting their dishes and how they had made a special dessert for everyone to celebrate me joining their city.
I have in my life begun many new jobs, some perfect for me and some not so nice, but all of them with extreme anxiety and diarrhea. I was perfectly calm. This was where I belonged, doing what I did best and with no concerns about paying the rent because there was no rent. This little perky monster was absolutely in ecstasy with her system for scheduling my clients and so proud of her daughter's creation of my living space. A lizard ran across the ceiling and grabbed drink off the wall of water and she explained they came in to keep the bugs off my plants. I knew that in exchange I would heal any of their injuries and was looking forward to having dinner and planting my seeds that night.
Everyone was doing what they did best and loved to do. The music was already starting downstairs and it turned out her cousin made the string instruments and a friend made the strings and didn't the musician just bring out the best qualities in what they made?
That is the society Karl Marx was trying so desperately and inadequately to describe. That is the Perfect Moment that is a whole life time. There was no money, no competition, no stress. There was cooperation and enjoyment in the achievements of others and your contribution to them. There was nothing except for what you brought to that world.
On another side that I remember, everyone was also a vegetarian. There was no meat in exchange. Animals were treated just like humans. People greeted them and spoke to them and some of them lived with humans or went their way. There would be no charge for my services and when someone found a new herb or crystal, they would bring it to me to be used in my work, not as an exchange of services but because that was what was best for everyone and everything.
That was the Perfect Lifetime. It is what you are searching for. I don't know if it can ever happen again because something or someone tampered with our world and made it what it is. They are still ruining it.

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