Friday, September 9, 2016

Me, You, the Universe and God

Some people call it God, Jehovah, Allah, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I just call it the Universe. We are part of a larger organism called whatever just like our toe is part of us. Each of us plays a part in the survival, growth and learning of this organism called the Universe. We, me, is no more important or better than the lady bug or the blade of grass or the pebble because we are all part of the same thing. We are all one with different tasks, just like your heart doesn't act as a filter like your kidneys do.
We are part of an intelligence, a sentience that is so large we are incapable of understanding it. Remember, God is incomprehensible and as such we can never know the why of what God does. The organism is so huge that we can not fathom why one thing happens and most of what happens may be more random than directed by this sentience. This sentience simply gathers experiences and survives and grows.
God is normally pictured as the progenitor, the child and the spirit after death because it is our entire life cycle. Matter and energy cannot be destroyed only converted and hence in death, we are converted into another part of the sentience to become a tree, food, a mineral or another being or form of sentience. We may simply move to another scenario that this sentience is playing out for amusement, growth or experience.
What about that infinite longing we all feel to join with someone or something greater than ourselves that leads us to form groups sort of like the liver cells tend to join up and form a liver? We know that we are part of the sentience and we long to feel that belonging. This is what the spiritual experience is, the moment that you transcend the body/mind and merge for a moment or two into this sentience. Every longing for friendship and companionship in this world is your spirit's longing to re-merge with this sentience.
We really are all one because we are all part of this sentience.
All the answers are within because everything is a reflection of the Sentience that makes us but we lack the ability to see just as the single brick lacks the ability to see it is part of a wall until the moment it transcends the physical limitation of being a brick and being a wall.
Nothing is greater than anything else and no one is greater than anyone else.
This is the hardest lesson to learn.
We have free will.
We are creating the Sentience just as it is creating us. We begin as a single cell and grow into an adult. As we grow we expand the Sentience and as we die a new cell forms to take our place. Whether or not that cell is going to be another human will be based on need. Our bodies do not grow extra livers or hands. The Sentience only grows what it needs and will shed what it doesn't. Make no mistake in that what it sheds truly does cease to exist.
We will be judged when we die based upon the life we led is not quite correct. We will be absorbed or transformed into a new being. If we are absorbed, we become part of the sentience. Transformed we may return to this realm or we may move to another realm. The Sentience does not just exist in the world we experience through our five sense, it exists through time and space simultaneously. This is why we seek to experience more than what our five senses can show us because as a part of the Sentience we know there is more because it is more. However, we are trapped in our five senses just like our toe is trapped on our foot and not going to travel to our head.
Collectively, we create the Sentience just as it creates us.
So, let's create a wonderful loving Sentience out of beauty and love. The Universe doesn't need to become an ugly, hateful creature. In more ways than one, this child of which we are is growing up and we can turn it into a wonderful adult.
Are there other Sentiences?
Of that I am not certain. We may be the only one and this reality is its form of amusement. We may be the last one and we might be the first one or we might be existing a room full of Sentiences comparing their experiences like a Cosmic Book Club.

It's hard to say when it when it is next to impossible to even imagine the being of which we are a piece. Does your gall bladder wonder if there are other gall bladders? Have you ever asked it?

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