Monday, September 5, 2011

There are more things on .....or in?

First off, I have to tell you that I come from a long line of psychics. We see spirits or ghosts as you sometimes call them. I am used to it. For us it is normal. For the most part, they don't interact with people because they can't. You also usually know when you see a ghost because it is not quite solid, tends to float rather than walk and sometimes is not in color. The features tend to be blurred but distinct enough to recognize the person. It would take most of a book for me to explain this.
This little story falls into a whole new range of things and I don't mind admitting that if I never have this experience again, it will be two weeks too soon.
I have seen UFO's as I spent most of my life on and around airports and military bases. They stayed in the sky and I stayed on the ground except for one night in Homestead. That sighting was witnessed by about 30 people and the entire Perrine fire department including the fire chief. I didn't find out what we saw for almost 5 years when a man described constant sightings exactly like this in the infamous triangle. What most of you don't know is the infamous triangle extends on land. I didn't know it.
Shortly after I moved to this area I began to notice anomalies. The first strange thing, other than the normal strange things I see, was a mini tornado of butterflies. Yup, I said butterflies. It was quite beautiful. It was replaced a few days later with a multitude of dust devils which are in themselves not unusual except that they were only appearing in one spot.
Then I noticed that as I would head out to work or return from college at odd hours, the light seemed "different". At first I just thought I was tired until I saw the work of a famous photographer and the comment that no one knew how he achieved this lighting technique outdoors. I did. I was seeing it about once a month. Unfortunately I was always alone and  no one else was about.
Then a few years ago, things got down right weird. My universe would get blurry and I had my eyes checked. They are perfect, by the way. It always seemed to occur in the same parking lot down the street. This is not a busy parking lot and the out parcel parking is normally quite deserted. One day I pulled in to go to the bank and even the out parcels were full to the brim. I wondered what was going on but I had to make the deposit, get change and get back to the shop. I should have known when no one was in the drive through teller something was seriously amiss. You have to circle the bank to get to the  drive through. I zipped through in less than 3 minutes and headed out. There was no one in the parking lot. My thought was, where did all the cars go and how did they go. There are three exits. Two go onto 441 which is a very busy 6 lane highway. The third goes out the side and you make a left turn. It is also busy because it is right down from a school and business district. You just don't zip out of that parking in the middle of the day. When I drove past the previously full out parcel parking, there were even tree limbs strewn in the parking lot, leaves and garbage. There is no way on this planet that parking lot was full of cars less than 5 minutes earlier.
From that point forward, I started paying attention to my surroundings and I noticed that things just didn't always remain the way they were the moment before. It always happened in the same locations and there was always a "shift" in light before and after. I mentioned this to several people who live around here and all of them had noticed the same thing. These people are not psychics.
However, this did not prepare me for what happened a few weeks ago.
I had been laying in bed, wide awake for some time and finally decided no matter how early it was, I might as well get up because I was not going back to sleep. I figured it was just after dawn from the light. I opened my eyes, gave myself time to focus because at my age that doesn't happened instantly, and sat up on the edge of the bed only to see something walking toward me. I am going to describe it and I am also going to tell you that I don't scare. I have faced down men with guns and cotton mouth moccasins and a wild boar. Fortunately not at the same time. I was not in the least bit scared. I was calm as could be because that is how I was trained. My father firmly believed fear would get you killed faster than anything else. He was right.
I was scared witless.
Coming at me was a lizard type being walking upright at least 5 foot 9 inches tall. Its skin was a cracked grey green color (you could have mistaken the crackle pattern for scales at a distance) with beige bumps and pretty disgusting looking. It was a female. The eyes were almond shaped, larger than a humans and so pale blue they were close to completely white except for the pupil which was a squared vertical line like a goats is a horizontal one. The nose was not defined from the face but blended in along with the lips like someone wearing a stocking over their head would look. It had no hair. It was wearing a skin tight olive drab uniform more like a cat suit. The arms were shorter than ours and looked very weak. It was holding them like the classic pictures you see of a T-Rex. The talons and those were no fake fingernails were black and looked like they could rip you to shreds. The torso was equally narrow and weak looking and the breasts were barely visible and totally round. However, when you moved past the waist, the musculature became heavy and strange. The musle on the top front of the legs was over developed, the knees slightly bent (they never straightened as she walked toward me) and the feet, like the hands, were huge. She was wearing a boot that came up to below her knees and scrunched in a beige color.
I could even see the shadow she was casting behind her and I was pretty sure this was the end of me or at least the end of me in one piece. She walked right through me and the bed and disappeared. I don't buy lotto tickets and I would have bet you 20 bucks that thing was solid. She really didn't seem to be aware of me. There was no slowing of her stride as she approached me. She just went right through me. She walked about 10 feet before getting to me is how I was able to observe her so carefully. It turned out to be 1 PM in the afternoon on day when there wasn't a cloud in the sky. After the incident, the bedroom brightened instantly.
I'm old, slow and arthritic. There was no point in trying to get out of the way or move, she was coming at me too fast. I really didn't have time to try to kick and anyway, you can't get any leverage when you are seated and I can't get up fast.
I did a search on the internet as soon as I stopped shaking and discovered David Icke's books. I ordered the newest one and just finished it. No, he is not antisemetic and most of his critics admit they never read his books. Hey, War and Peace was an easier, and I suspect a shorter, read. Yes, I read War and Peace. I am the type who checks references and I found them to all be in order. He is one heck of a researcher. Is he right? Dear goddess it is either that or he is the greatest psychic alive. All you have to do is check the dates and see everything falling nicely into place. He is writing about it before it happens.
I am no stranger to "brain washing". You might say I am an expert at it. It was my area of expertise in psychology so you are forewarned.
Today I read the great jobs speech. Oh, it was great until I got to the comments by the gal from the Department of Labor. "It will be the responsibilty of the unemployed to retrain themselves to compete in today's job market." Guess you had better learn to use a mop and smile while asking if someone wants fries with that, because all our engineering jobs went to China and India. These infrastructure jobs are great if you are in tip top shape and young and strong. They certainly are not for some guy or woman in their 50's whose main exercise for 30 years has been at a keyboard as an engineer. We are talking repair work, not redesign. The situation at the end of the Great Depression was very different with a huge population in its 20's and 30's. Our current unemployed are in the range of 45 and above. There is always the catch at the end of the speech or proposal. Well, we never said YOU would be able to do the job. Every time I read a proposal, I remember what I read in the book and look for the hook and sinker. It is always there like they are all following a script.
Twenty years ago, a patient passed all the psychological testing and was hired by the police force of a local town. I had to call the chief of police and tell him that if he had checked this man's references he would known the previous police department and psychiatrist had warned everyone this person was never to be allowed to even put a uniform on let alone be given a gun. The man was psycho, dangerous and got off a serious assault charge that left an innocent person pretty much a veggie on a psychological defence. He fit the profile they wanted in a cop perfectly. I know the test they used. I used it. It clearly stated he was psychopathic. There is no way around that accessment. It was why they hired him. The state cops were right then becoming frightened of the local cops and just passing by when they saw they had someone down. One state trooper told me of a two local cops holding a man face down in red ant nests. What had he done? Seems he committed the horrendous offence of rolling through a stop sign rather than coming to a complete stop. You can bet I come to a complete stop around here and that my friends, was before David Icke ever picked up a pen to write anything.
Judge for yourselves, but first, actually read the books. Check the references. He may not be right about the reptiles, but I sure don't want to see another one. He may not be right about who is doing this. He is certainly spot on about what is happening.
BY the way....I neither drink nor take drugs. Neither of those substance go well with psychic ability. I do know the difference between a hallucination and a vision as I spent a really nasty week with malaria and my father sitting beside me telling what was real and what wasn't until I could tell the difference. This incident was neither a vision or a hallucination. It was real.

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