Monday, April 23, 2012

Play Nice!

I hate to say those words and it's always the same people and the same groups for almost 40 freaking years. Play Nice!
We are not exactly a huge majority of the population anywhere. To be fighting among our selves is just plain stupid. To be sabotaging each other is stupider. There are plenty of people out there perfectly willing and able to do all of that for us and to us.
Who cares who is the most authentic and define authentic? For the love of any goddess, don't answer that question! I'll be here all night and day and week and year and....nope, not going to live that long. If it works for you, great; just don't try to impose it on me. Every group and every solitary and every person in every group is going to be practicing and interpreting things a little or a lot differently. This is because we are all unique. We come from differing backgrounds and have had different life experiences. When I say green, everyone thinks something a little different from Kermit to ecology to limes to lime green cars. There is nothing wrong with that! Play Nice. Life is going to be awfully boring if everyone thinks the same way. Put a 50 pound weight down and everyone will try to lift it a little differently. The important thing is someone lifts it.
Freedom of religion gives us the right in the USA, for now, to practice our religion. It also gives everyone else the same right. We may not agree with them. We may not agree with their life style. But as long as they don't try to impose it on us and they don't actually kill people outside of their faith, they have the right to practice it. That is the price you pay for freedom. Other people get to be free.
Now for the sabotaging part of the Play Nice....rushing to schedule an event so it conflicts with another group's event just to make certain "your people" can't attend that event is childish to the nth degree. I am reminded of one of the Democratic candidates in a small city down here lamenting his loss with the following words: people have just gotten tired of voting and getting nothing so they didn't bother to show up to vote. That is exactly what is going to happen to you. No one is going to show up for either event.
We hold, or at least this is the theory, our events so people can come and have a good time, be themselves with like minded people, and express our religion and/or philosophy. Where does the word competition belong in that sentence? I'll let you stew on that one. Are you so insecure in your beliefs that you fear exposure to another groups beliefs? If so, YOU have a problem not your follow pagans.
And lastly, let me address the last statement I made in a group that caused an uproar: No you can not be a Christian and a Wiccan or a Druid or a Pagan. Folks, do you have that short a memory for history? My first question was: why would anyone even ask that? The two faiths are mutually exclusive based on my God or the highway verses multi gods and goddesses. This is exactly how they managed to take over the last time if you remember which obviously you don't. Oh, you can embrace our savior and still a pagan. Here, let us build our churches on your worship can still use them. Oh wow, anyone got some kindling and matches?
Being liberal, being fair minded, and being non-judgemental is NOT being a doormat and surrendering your beliefs so others can be "comfortable". It IS saying, this is what I believe and I am NOT changing. I don't judge the validity of your path, but stay off mine unless you are willing to totally embrace it with your heart, your mind and your soul. If there is any question about that, you don't belong on whatever path you have chosen. For every one's sake, find the door.
And with that, the Old Druid will return to harvesting her virtual Farm.

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Great Post Janice!!!!!