Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things you don't want to hear....

I mean it. You will be better off if you stop reading right this moment, because you do not want to hear this.

How did we in the land of the free where everyone is supposed to have a chance at a decent life begin debating class warfare? Where did classes come from in a country formed by people trying to escape the rigorous hereditary class system of Europe and Britain? How did we get here?

It's simple. No one was paying attention. No one was thinking. No one checked behind the curtain.

The latest elite are the police, security personnel and politicians.


Let me explain. It started years ago when a few police officers were killed and someone, a really brilliant someone if you are into a police state, decided that we needed a law that made the penalty for killing a police office greater than that for killing anyone else. HUH?

In most states, murder gets you the death penalty. That includes Florida where this ridiculous law was passed. How much more of a penalty can you get than the death penalty? Do they kill you a second time? Do they prevent your reincarnation? To ask these questions is tantamount to treason even today.

Let's start with a simple question. Is a police officer's job more dangerous than any other? Your knee jerk answer was yes. Think again. More people are killed in construction accidents than police every year. Think about driving a tanker full of flammable gas down the interstate some day. Do they really have a more dangerous job than a convenience store clerk who for minimum wage risks their life every time they come to work? These men are armed to the teeth and we all hope, trained to survive in dangerous situations. Fred at the 7/11 isn't and people want the money in that register way more than anything a cop has.

And lastly on this logic thread, why is a police officer's life more valuable than anyone else's? People risk their lives every day to bring you gas to your favorite station, build your roads and houses, keep your beer fix handy at 2 AM, or just get to work during rush hour and you never know when some nutter is going to go ballistic and develop a case of road rage with a gun in hand because he thinks you cut him off in the parking lot. Heck, it's dangerous for little old ladies to walk across the parking lot with a purse but hey, their lives aren't worth that much, are they?

Yet, if a police officer is killed, you can expect every cop on the force will be on the case. If you are killed, you will be lucky if one overworked cop with 15 open cases looks into it.

And thus we created the first of the elite. Then even after Kennedy, who it pains me to say was 10x's the president Reagan was, was assassinated, no laws bringing heavier penalties for shooting politicians were enacted. However, once Reagan was winged, we needed more laws!

However, we don't need gun control. We do need to allow people to carry guns to open meetings and public places and lastly, we need to let them kill anyone they think is threatening them, unless the person threatening them is a politician or a policeman or a security guard whose lives are worth so very much more than let's say a doctor or a minister or your grandmother.

Am I the only one who sees something is really wrong with this? This is like closing the barn door after the cow is gone. The cow is lost! The barn is empty! Wake up!

This is how we created an elite class of armed people with all the resources to oppress, kill, maim, threaten, terrorize and totally circumvent the laws that have protected us, as a citizenry, since the formation of this country. We were hoodwinked.

When I was young, you knew your local policeman. You knew his kids. You knew where he lived. If you were stopped for a traffic violation, you knew you were probably getting a ticket but you also knew he was going to be fair about it. It was going to put a little pinch in your budget but you would just bring lunch and survive nicely. He/she wasn't going to cuss you out, drag you out of the car and throw you on the ground. Be honest. Last time you were stopped, did the thought that you might be face down on the ground with a boot on your back not cross your mind? Did you have any doubt you were about to be fined way more than you could afford even if you were in the right?

If a cop stops you, are you afraid? Be honest now. Would you flag a police office down and ask for directions. help or anything? Be honest.

You see, I know the answers. I have lived in a police state, actually more than one. I knew that if I was stopped I would either have to bribe the cop or kill him. Those were the choices. In Argentina, if stopped, he hands you a clip board to fill out your name and address. You place whatever this week's bribe amount is under the clip and hand it back. If the amount is right, you part company. If it's wrong, you may never see the light of day again unless you are well connected and your family can pay huge fines to get you out of jail. One thing you are certain of is you will never see your car because ten minutes after you are hauled off it will be a miracle if the frame is left in the road.

I have lived in countries where a knock on the door from the police meant at least one person was about to die. I'm not certain I don't live there now.

When people are afraid of the police, they will kill the police. Fear makes you irrational. You don't think about a jail sentence. You think you are either about to lose your life or your life is not going to be worth living. A jail sentence to a minority right now, guarantees they will never get job ever again. Jim Crow is alive and well, he just applies his talents to felons of any color. You are minority father of three kids at home with a wife and parent you are supporting, a good job on a dark road with a gun you carry for protection and cop car pulls you over for what you have no idea. Guess what is going to be an option running through your mind?

If you are angry enough at me, simmer down and listen to these two stories because I was directly involved in both of them. An ex friend's daughter had several arrests for possession of mj in her teenage years. She straightened out, got a good job as a book keeper for a firm that sells alcohol. She made the mistake of having one too many fruity drinks at a bar with a friend after work. When you are 87 pounds dripping wet, it doesn't take as much alcohol as it does for 180 pound person to get you a little drunk. She was arrested one block from the bar. Her friend, who happens to have a well connected family, wasn't although both were driving. The bartender got a kickback from the cops to id which car which person was in and sic them on her. She got her license suspended for DUI as they counted all the previous arrests that were over 7 years old, she lost her job because she couldn't be around alcohol under the terms of release in Florida and her car was booted even though her boyfriend needed it to go to work and back. They shared a car.

Now let's flash back to a meeting of the South Florida Legislative Delegation (you can look it up in the Miami Herald). I was there. The head of the delegation is so drunk he can't stand up without the assist of a wall. He staggers past 4 cops to his car, gets in and takes off out of the parking lot burning rubber where he is then followed by 2 cop cars to make certain he gets home, as he stood a good chance of not knowing where home was, and to be there if he gets in an accident. I'm sure their job was to make certain he didn't get a test for alcohol levels or a ticket. This happened every meeting that was held in Plantation. There were only 2 members of the delegation that were sober. I had to take two steps back because I couldn't stand the smell of alcohol on them when talking to 4 of them in the hallway. There is no doubt they were all 4 legally drunk. They all 4 drove themselves home and walked past at least 4 cops that were on duty. They did NOTHING. They were under orders to do nothing.

However, my friend and I were stopped and harassed on the way home by a cop because she had forgotten to put her license plate sticker on the tag. The odds he could see that sticker from 50 yards on a dark road are nil, but the odds he knew which car we were in and that we had spoken against the actions of the delegation were 100%.

Welcome to the elite. You are not a member. Your life is not worth their time or effort. You will be punished. They will not be punished for anything they do and if they are, it will be on paper only. Have a nice day.

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