Thursday, November 22, 2012

UFO's, Murray and Facebook

I did a lot of bouncing around Facebook tonight, catching up with old friends and annoying the radicals, and checking out some happenings. I have a pretty wide reach with information and pages. I have discovered no one reads the articles they link to except for a few of us. I have also discovered Facebook is very dangerous place for anyone who is doing anything good.
I have seen in the past couple of months, 4 humane organizations shut down after getting on Facebook. It doesn't matter what kind of animal or fish is involved. All the animals in their care were killed by the governmental animal control after someone happened onto their page and started filing complaints. Often the person wasn't even in the same state.
I have seen several people posting about their homestead experience who are now out of a house and home for the holidays, put off their land and their animals killed, too.
Some of my friends just posting interesting pictures of UFO's have been attacked viciously for no reason. A few are suddenly finding they are being harassed by one or more government bodies. Life is getting very difficult for them but when you are in a field that often finds your fellow researchers dead in odd circumstances, they are perhaps better capable of taking care of themselves than other people on Facebook.
Undoubtedly Facebook has been a boon for Law Enforcement, particularly the child porn and pedophile division. That is why I cringe at some of the photos I see people publishing. Tonight I saw a proud parent post a picture of their son's swim team in wet bikini suits that I am sure had several pedophiles drooling. I only hope there isn't enough information to allow someone to track down that eye candy but I am probably hoping against the odds.
I read a heartbreaking story of someone whose life and that of a friend has been pretty much trashed because of a picture posted in bad judgement. No apologies were accepted. No one even stopped to think this person may have children to feed or how it was going to affect her relatives. No, they simply ruined her life and that of another person.
There are a lot of people out these that think this is some sort of reality show. They can destroy another person and change the channel. The people on Facebook are not real to them. They have no remorse or even compassion and they wander through public pages and look to find someone to attack. The really bad thing, they have found this garners them the attention they crave. One site managed 3,000 followers attacking some poor hapless person who probably had no idea there was a problem with a picture. They took it down but they didn't understand that once you publish something on Facebook and remove it from your timeline, it isn't gone. It is on everyone's wall and they can share it. It still exists after you delete it.
I am sure one poor person had no idea that his cell phone number was public to every person friended or subscribed to his page. I've picked up a few whack jobs playing of all things: Farmville. Can you get more benign?
Now that the election is over, all the whackoes who got off on attacking candidates and getting a big thrill from finding other whackoes to agree with them, no longer have targets. They can't get attention without a target and my friends, you are now in their crosshairs. It can be as simple as you have loved ones and they don't, a home and they don't, a lizard and they don't....I used to know someone that if we were sitting in a restaurant she would be making derogatory comments about perfect strangers and their hair or clothes. Really, what is that except jealousy and trying to show how superior you are? I am sure she has a ball tearing people down on Facebook and she is on Facebook.
As for me, I have a lot to do in the next few months and I am getting off Facebook except to play Farmville for relaxation. So if you don't hear from me, it's because I really am not here. I can access Farmville without ever going on Facebook though it may show I am on. It just isn't worth my time and energy to see perfectly good people destroyed by other people to get attention.

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