Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Who is it alright to kill this week?

One thing you need to understand is that governments, corporations, religious leaders and politicians employ well trained people to alter your opinions, to change the way you see things and to change your very core values to benefit them.
You need to understand there are two sciences: psychology and sociology.
Psychologists work with the individual and changing their behavior and thought patterns.
Most of you think sociologists direct needy people to social programs and that is truly the face you most likely see. But, there is another side you don't see or hear about. Sociologists study societies or large groups of people. They, like psychologists, learn to manipulate group opinion, values and morals.
A huge push came after WW2 to study how to manipulate large segments of society without them noticing they were being manipulated. They had watched how successfully Hitler had convinced normal, moral people to persecute and kill their friends. They wanted to know how you could change an entire nation's morals and it wasn't to protect you.
You are most familiar with advertising. You probably are familiar with the cute little skulls in the ice cubes in the alcohol ads.
Psychologists determined most drinkers were risk takers, adrenaline junkies and to put it mildly, tended to have a death wish. So, advertisers placed death imagery into alcohol ads knowing it would subliminally, below the level of conscious perception, appeal to risk takers, adrenaline junkies and people with a death wish. It was really simple and pretty straightforward except the people buying more and more alcohol didn't know they were being manipulated. Every bar in the country went with low lighting and red decor because psychologists discovered rats would drink more under low wattage red lights. Rats actually do not like alcohol and won't drink it unless forced to but under red lights, they were real little boozers. It worked very well. One could easily argue that presenting your product in the best possible light to sell it shouldn't be illegal, but there is a big difference between that and what was being done. As long as the bottle of booze is sitting on the counter and the person is telling you how great it tastes and how wonderful it will make you feel, that's straightforward. You can get up and walk away. You can make a decision. But when you don't know you are being manipulated at a level below your consciousness, is it moral? Is it just plain fair?
Manipulation can be very subtle and you are going to get very offended by what I am going to tell you next. However, you might want to let it settle a bit in your brain before you burn me at the stake because you are the one on the receiving end of this manipulation.
If I were to say to was alright to kill someone because of their color, you would scream to high heaven and your main argument would be that color has nothing to do with a person's worth. You would be 100% right.
Now, if I were to say someone should be punished more heavily for killing or assaulting a cop, you would say: absolutely.
Read what I just wrote a few times and see if you can see where you were nicely manipulated.
Okay, I'll explain. You have just said that a person putting a uniform on is more valuable than say a surgeon because you are going to deliver a greater punishment for the same crime based on who the victim is. That makes the person in that uniform better than everyone else in society. You have just given up your worth, your value as a human being to a symbol: the uniform.
Now I've heard the argument that they risk their lives for us, but the funny thing is, theirs' is not the most dangerous occupation.
The most dangerous occupation is fisherman and related jobs in the fishing industry. They have the more fatalities and injuries per year on the job! On average they make 12.30 an hour and have little to no benefits and no retirement plans. Number 2 is logging workers making 3.00 an hour more. Number 3: aircraft pilots and flight engineers. Number 4 is your local garbage and recycling handler. Those garbage trucks are killers. Number 5 is a no brainer: roofers. Number 6 is iron and steel workers. My uncle worked in the steel mills. Fatalities and injuries were a weekly thing. Number 7 is agricultural, ranchers and farmers. Them little doggies have sharp horns. Number 8 is drivers, sales workers and truck drivers. The more time you spend on the highway the higher your odds of someone hitting you. Number 9  is anyone working with electricity, installers and repairers and Number 10 is Taxi drivers and chauffeurs.
The police and military didn't even get on the list.
However, if you off a fisherman, you just get murder one and if your smack him is just plain assault and battery. Do the same thing to a cop and it is the death penalty and assaulting an officer can be nothing more than touching them.
Now, is the average cop or soldier better educated than the average person. You know the answer is no. So why did you just value their life higher than the poor trucker who delivers your food to the grocery and the man out there sweating picking up your garbage? You think nothing of flipping the bird at a trucker but you want someone who does it to a soldier tried and convicted of treason and I guarantee you, if you flip the bird at a cop you will be arrested for assault and battery though you never got in touching range of this person.
You have been conditioned to accept their authority over you as absolute. They are untouchable. They are better than you or anyone else. Their life is worth more than your child's life. They cannot be disobeyed. They can no longer be questioned.
And now, hardly a week goes by some poor unarmed idiot gets shot by a cop who felt threatened. Old ladies fleeing intruders in their homes are shot multiple times and killed because they didn't have their hearing aids in and couldn't hear the cop telling them to stop. She was in her nightgown. How much of a threat is a senior citizen in a nightgown? But you accepted it. She did not stop. You accept that if you do not obey the order of a person in uniform instantly, no matter what that order is, they have the right to kill you.
So folks, who IS it alright to kill this week? The answer is: YOU.
Don't believe me?
Then explain to me why you go to the airport and allow a person in uniform to feel you up, humiliate you and even detain you when that person is not even a policeman? They are private security guards like the old man walking the beat in shopping center. They are not trained in any avenue of law enforcement. They are the person or pervert next door putting on a uniform and you have been conditioned to obey the uniform without question. You should be very, very worried about now.

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