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A MUST Read Article

Any mistakes in this short article are due to a massive cold, the parameters of which I have not experienced in 10 years.
I owe a debt of gratitude to the organic lemon that gave its life to help my very sore throat.

In the April/May issue of the Mountain Astrologer there is a bit of a deceptively entitled article: "Year of the Snake". This article not only has more information packed into it about Chinese medicine and cycles than I have ever seen, but some great information about electromagnetics.

Now for those people whose eyes rolled back in their heads at that big scientific word, it means the stuff you can't see that your cell phones, electric meters, WiFi and so forth generates and passes right through your body. I might point out nothing passes through your body with harming or enhancing it. Your body functions via a series of electrical connections and we are talking about something that whacks on electrical functions.

My personal journey through this invisible spectrum began when I found restful sleep was impossible unless all the power strips near my bed were off and the cell phone was waaaaaay down the hall and off. Off on a cell phone doesn't mean off like you think it does. You need to get away from the little bugger. Power strips are the same way. Off means the power is turned off at the strip but it is still happily zipping down the cord. Now if you don't believe me, get a pair of cutters and cut the cord. I'll wait while you recover...if you recover.

Just how much power is seeping from a power strip and these devices was demonstrated to me when a piece of (I had no idea) extremely flammable packing paper from India landed on the power strip and burst into flames instantly! It power was not seeping from that strip, nothing would NOT have happened. So keep those power strips off and clear of everything or better yet, unplug them from the wall! You might want to notice that the electrical outlets in new medical building and facilities are located at least 4 feet above the floor to actually being at the ceiling. The answer to why is fire hazard. I suggested that modification to building codes for houses over 40 years ago as bending over with a bad back was already affecting me.

Two things hit home in the article. I had found my old radar detector which is useless 20 years later. We were trying to identify what was setting it off (takes a STRONG signal to do that) when George noticed an odd looking antennae on a power pole. Imagine my shock when I saw a picture of it in the article and found out it is the smart grid transmitter and controller.

You were sold the Smart Grid under Bush as a way your meter could be read without someone invading your yard once a month, something dog owners loved. That is not its purpose. Its purpose is to monitor your electrical consumption by the minute so the power companies can go to a system of charging you more money for power used during PEAK times. You will not be getting an email telling you just when said peak times are any time soon. It also allows them to turn off your power in a N.Y minute for any reason they might make up. These little antennae are all over Palm Beach County in the "wealthier" and Retiree areas as they figure...those guys never look at their power bill and will pay without question. You and I will be getting the hit next. You already have the meter..all they need is the controller/monitor on their pole. The Smart Meter transmits constantly. You can't turn it off.

However, more disturbing in this article is a chart of the Microwave Radiation Limits per country. That's the invisible stuff going through you from cell phones, cell towers, high tension electrical lines and your new favorite buddy, the Smart Meter and trust me, it really is smarter than you.

Let me summarize the table for you. The allowable limits for Switzerland, China, Italy, Russia and India are between 4 and 10 microwatts/cm2. Remember that number because the allowed limits for the U.S.A, Japan and Canada is 580. That's 59 times the amount allowed in China, over 100 times the amount allowed in Switzerland and 58 times the amount allowed in India, Italy and Russia! WHOA FARMER....someone is irradiating you without your knowledge. Do you feel cooked yet or just tired, worn out and unable to sleep?

More frightening is the Chinese system of medicine and you Tesla and Matrix fans might want to pay attention as Chinese medicine begat India medicine and Vasatu. The Chinese system of medicine states that "energy" flows at specific times of the day and night into specific organs for the purpose of correcting minor problems that may have developed during the remaining times. In other words for the Nerds, you are getting a system update constantly and installing it. The energy that is the update is pretty much the same type of energy being emitted from all these devices and thus, the devices are interfering with your system update and making you sick or perhaps controlling your mood.

I started studying cosmic radiation (yes, it IS a real thing) when I was 11 years old and managed to penetrate the adult science section. It was soooo off limits but I found I could crawl through the children's section into the adult via the lowest shelf. I know: nerds rock. They would not let me check out the book and even took my notebook away but I had a photographic memory for anything said or written so I just went home and transcribed it again from what I managed to read in an hour. Oh...for those days again. Now I suffer from CRS. This cosmic radiation which has been well studied and documented may just be Chi or Prana or Life Energy and if so, there is no excuse except PROFIT for what our utilities are doing to us and our government under the guise of Capitalism is allowing. They KNOW they are KILLING us. There is simply no way they CANNOT know.

So, go out to the link and buy the electronic issue for April/May if you can't afford a subscription. I know it is pricey and the magazine really is for astrologers, not the general public, so this might be the only issue you want to have. BUT you want to have this issue.

It certainly explains a quote from Einstein being circulated on the net that just doesn't fit the MeMe:

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots."

What it means is the technology will be so far ahead of you that you will not know what it is doing to you and it will create a generation of idiots or slaves to the machine and the owners of the technology. Did you know they even want to patent human might have to pay a royalty to live if you won't gift them with parts of your body.

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