Monday, September 23, 2013

Here lies goodness...

Good Morning. Welcome to Monday morning in Janiceland. It is a strange place and you only need to visit it for a brief time, so let's get on with it.
First of all, have you killed anyone today? I know the day is young but is that in your plans? Nope, I didn't think so.
Then, have you taken anyone's food away from them? I am willing to bet that if you have sandwich and someone walks up to you and says they are hungry, you will give it or at least half of it to them.
Have you stolen anything this week? Have you beat anyone up? Did you kick someone out of their house?
In the whole course of your life, how many of these things have you done and did you make amends if you did any of them?
So why do you believe you are a sinner when you aren't committing any sins? You aren't hurting anyone. You are just trying to get along, taking care of your family and enjoying your life. Is being happy a sin and what god came up with that one?
Oh, probably the same guy that sold you pie in the sky after death....hey...anyone come back from the dead lately and tell you how wonderful it is in that heaven you have to die to get to? Read your book carefully, little ones. No one ever came back and testified to how wonderful it was after they died because no one has never come back from the dead.
Have you ever heard of snake oil? It keeps you young and cures everything that ails you. Just 9.95 for a bottle of this stuff but how do you know the contents of the bottle are what keeps him young and healthy? He might just naturally be young and healthy. Think about it before you buy.
You are so convinced of your own evilness, you can't see what is in front of you.
God is omnipotent and omnipresent. In other words he can do anything. He can be everywhere. He knows everything. Now let's say I have a worshiping relationship with coffee and every morning I thank the coffee pot for that wonderful cup of Joe. How could my worship or enjoyment of coffee in any way diminish an omnipotent and omnipresent god? If he doesn't like what I am doing, he can just wipe all coffee out. He doesn't have to kill me or direct you to break his own commandment and kill me. What would it matter to him who you worshiped? Don't you think he ought to be a little more evolved than that? Shouldn't he be capable, this supreme being, of teaching you right from wrong without smiting you? I mean, he's not sounding quite so supreme to me. He's sounding like a jealous two year old having a tantrum that if I can't have the candy, no one else can.
Jesus didn't die for your sins. He died for a political cause trying to feed the poor, stop the bankers from taking everything from people via loans and interest, and spreading the horrible concept that all people were created equal. For that the Romans executed him as a thief. If anyone had any sins to die for, it was the Roman Emperor, not you.
Take a look at the book you clutch as the holy of holiest. Constantine the First took all the books loosely associated with a small religious sect that called themselves followers of Jesus, edited out the ones he didn't like and created the religion of Christianity. Do you know what else good old Constantine gave you? He gave you the Feudal system where serfs (slaves by another name) worked their master's land for which they got a place to stay and maybe food while their master took as much of the fruits of their labor as he wanted and their daughters, sons, wives...pretty much anyone he wanted to do anything with under the blessings of the Church. Wow, and you thought you were a sinner. Missed that boat, friend. Guess how you got into the Master's club. You had to be born into it. All wealth was inherited via bloodline. Serf could never leave the land where they were born. You and your children and your children's children belonged to the land of the Master. There was a small Merchant Class allowed to exist because traveling with commodities was a dangerous thing the 1% didn't want to do. They were the only people that were allowed to freely move between these 1% Master's lands. Nice system, if you are the right bloodline.
You sit here scared to death the guy down the street is going to take your things away from you. The guy who is going to take your things, your house and the food and medicine out of your mouth isn't the guy down the street. Heck, that person wouldn't live in your neighborhood on a bet. Ever see Papa John's castle? It is small in comparison to the armed compounds the 1% have created to protect them from you. You don't even know where they are. They are the ones robbing you blind, not anyone in this 10 square block area and this man with the reversed collar is here to tell you that the sinner you are, you deserve this. You deserve to lose everything you work for because you are bad. Just die and maybe with forgiveness and a good donation in the plate, and you'll go to a better place.
Do you really believe him? They say misery loves company. Well, I'm going to tell you misery pays really good if you can convince people to inflict it upon themselves. Think about it.
I happen to think you are a good decent person doing the best you can in current circumstances. You are free to disagree with me.

Have a nice Monday.

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