Saturday, September 21, 2013

Why all the psychic wars???

Some days my guides are more patient than others and answer mundane questions for me.
The question that has arisen during the past week is why some mega stores in the psychic go so far as to even hire people to attack small stores that pose no threat to them.
As an example, let me give you tiny store, which is over an hour's drive from mega store, doesn't even carry the same merchandise and has a totally different clientele that wouldn't even consider making the huge trip to mega store since getting to small store is quite a job for them. Not only that, but tiny store doesn't even have any employees and mega store can boast plenty of employees and no appointments needed for service. Mega store even has walk in traffic and tiny store is way off the beaten path with none. This like Mega Tire Store attacking a Shoe Boutique in another state. Why would it even happen? The only thing they might have in common is rubber.
So why is Mega store even bothering to admit Tiny store exists much let alone trying everything short of hiring a mafia hit man to get rid of them? They have already hired a psychic hit man to do the job and are too stupid to know they are risking themselves, not the hit man in this venture.
That was the question I posed to my Guide.
Here is the answer.
You are not going to like it.
No matter what Mega Store's original intent was, at some point they realized they were incompetent at providing and being what they say they are. They realized they were more focused on accumulating wealth than spiritual knowledge. The wealth allows them to be lazy and hire others to do any actual work. Then they must make certain those that do the work cannot leave them. Rather than stepping back from this path and learning and practicing their art and business, they moved to a fear based mode, afraid people would discover they were incompetent and greedy and they would lose their materials they had accumulated and their lazy lifestyle as a parasite. So, they determined the way to survive was to kill the competition, materially by putting them out of business, mentally by undermining their confidence and spiritually by attacking their soul purpose since in reality, they were not competition to Tiny store.
Tiny store is competent in their art, helps people and is not focused solely on the material, so they manage to survive and but they never become Mega Store because they are not willing to destroy others to get there.
So, you are going to ask why we allow Mega Store to exist. It is simple. Mega Store will attract people like themselves and they will destroy them, materially, mentally and spiritually in the never ending quest for more, more and more. Their customers want what they have and they want what their customers have. It becomes a cannibalistic existence cycle until one is exhausted.
Tiny store will go on to attract their like type and help them to learn their soul purpose, achieve their spiritual goals, evolve and eventually help others of like purpose.
Mega store separates the wheat from the chaff and throws the chaff away while the wheat goes on to the Tiny store and becomes their support and students.
It saves all of us a lot of time.
This is not to say that Tiny store doesn't suffer more than most. The suffering doesn't make you stronger, more spiritual or anything other than cause you pain. There is no reward for this path other than the satisfaction of being of service and that is the road you chose. You will get more rest than Mega store as once they pass over, they have a lot to learn here and lessons can be harsh and very long in our world, not that there is really time; it just appears that way. You on the other hand already have learned the lessons, understand the way of our world and will fit in quite nicely into your next job here. Our world is for you much more pleasant than what you have become accustomed to and nothing to fear. For the others, our world is something to fear, because like attracts like in our world and that makes it very hard to evolve out of it. It is why they fear death so very much. It is a life sentence.

Then I began to remember when I first finished my lessons as an astrologer. I was in school for over 2 years and then I needed to learn my specialty under another astrologer. You didn't just hang up a shingle, pay a fee and get your paper back then. You had to intern and though many of the internships were nothing more than fetching your master's laundry from the dry cleaner, you still spent a year or more doing basic charts and maybe, if you were really good, getting to offer an opinion on an interpretation. I was a fast learner. Most people spent 5 years or more in the learning process, before the background check and a signed piece of paper allowed you to get an expensive license from the county. Astrologers didn't try to put each other out of business. My second set of clientele was actually given to me by another astrologer who didn't want to do mundane astrology any more. When you hear of that happening in the psychic and magickal world, put up flares, explode fireworks and then recheck whether you are hallucinating. The difference was simple. We were all competent professionals and we had no question about it. To get the license, we had to be competent. To practice without the license was a quick trip to jail and a guarantee we would never have a license.
Now in all these areas, there is no measure of competency. There is no punishment for greed and hurting others in this world but I am willing to bet from what my guide didn't say, the punishment in the next world may be a whopper. No wonder they spend so much time at the doctors' and trying everything to prolong this life. Well, I have a newsflash: death is always waiting even in the guise of bus going too fast.
So, if you find it was a total fluke that one day you managed to play one song on the piano, rather than trying kill all pianists, take up another instrument and if that doesn't work, find something you are really good at and do it. Just because I can't play a guitar, and I can't, is no reason for me to be jealous of Eric Clapton. I would love to be able to play like him. It is never happening. I can't play a single cord because of my fingers' sensitivity. I know that. I would love to see him play. I will stick to my piano. That, I do play half way well. That I do enjoy. That is enough for me and it has nothing to do with ambition and everything to do with reality which is not located on a sandy place on the banks of the River DeNial.

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