Monday, March 3, 2014

A Vision on My Birthday

I had a vision this morning and I am not fond of 6 in the morning visions. That is my best time for sleep but never-the-less, here it was.
First let me tell you about my question I went to sleep on as that is how I usually get information. I asked what the pineal gland does.
Why I asked this question was an article about a small town in England that has resisted fluoride in their water. Since they refuse to fluoridate their water, the town fathers have decided to add fluoride to the children's milk. Yes, they actually are going to make special cartons of milk with added fluoride in it and force the children to drink them. It was a very well done article and immediately drew fire in the guise of....we are sick of hearing about fluoride, shut up already..and that is a pretty accurate quote. No one attacked the science quoted in the article that fluoride doesn't work. If fluoride works, someone explain to me why I, who grew up with fluoridated toothpaste and water have a mouth full of caps. I reread the article and hit upon one sentence that gave the side effects of fluoride and one of them was calcification of the pineal gland. So, what does this gland really do? And more importantly, why are the town officials going to such expense to force fluoride on children?
Think about it. They cut pensions, food assistance, veteran's aide, medical care and housing and they are worried about our TEETH? It makes no sense.
In my vision, I was watching a war torn area. There were the usual two lines of soldiers at stalemate and a young woman who was captured by one side. I could hear this sound coming closer and closer. She asked one of the soldiers what it was as you couldn't make it out. He said it had been getting closer and closer and that now it was even with the other line of soldiers but they didn't know what it was except that no one had shot at them in an hour or two.
As the sound came closer, you could make out it was some sort of chanting and the word Om. Most of the soldiers started standing up and holding their hands over their ears and then dropping to the ground, unconscious. That was when I could see an irregular line of people dressed as monks with other ordinary people and soldiers coming over the horizon. They were chanting Om and something I could not make out but I knew it meant “join us in peace”. The soldiers that were still standing dropped their weapons and as the people passed them, they turned and joined in the chant and the march.

The interesting thing was not everyone was chanting at the same time. The chant was being done in a cascade and people in random positions would start the chant, overlaying other groups of people chanting so it seemed as though it was coming from everywhere. Nor was the line of people regular. It was simply a random group but I knew everyone, no matter when they started the chant or how progressed they were with the chant, or where they were in the group which stretched from one side to the other, was connected to everyone else in that moment and they could not be stopped.

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