Monday, February 24, 2014

Is this you????

Does this sound like your life?
You wake up in the morning, more tired than when you went to bed. Sometimes, even though you can't remember the 5 hours since 2 AM, you are pretty sure you didn't sleep.
You fortify yourself with coffee and sugar to make it to work.
By noon, you really aren't hungry, you'd just like a long nap and you can barely remember what you did this morning.
Lunch is huge feast of carbohydrates and fat, fortified with a caffeinated drink and back to work as fast as possible so you catch up on what you didn't get done this morning, except that once behind your desk you are in a stupor.
Some time around 3 PM you have a slight rally of energy during which you frantically try to catch up only to hit a wall around 5 PM when you can finally commute home though you probably shouldn't be driving.
Once home, you microwave something and fall on the sofa watching the news during which you get an hour of hysterical anchors giving you the doom and gloom of the day until finally you watch some mindless reality show where everyone is stabbing everyone in the back, lying and cheating, but that is reality. Maybe you switch to a comedy where Geeks are never amounting to anything, the pretty people are stupid and the rich guys are really, really dumb though that fails to explain how they made all that money in the first place.
More news followed the funny monologue to lift your spirits but even it a biting sarcasm about politics and then you get to toss and turn and worry about your 30 pounds overweight, aches and pains and total loss of energy.
Finally the weekend comes around and your to-do list is catch up on sleep which you never seem to do. Even your kids once they hit school are on the same merry-go-round.
You tried the vitamins to the point that with a little ketchup you would have three meals.
You tried exercise but could barely lift your feet and had even less energy.
You tried the super food sand they did nothing.
You tried to lose weight because no matter the symptom, that was what the doctor told you would solve it, but you can't. If you could lose weight, you would have done that years ago.
Maybe you even got a diagnosis of something exotic like fibromyalgia and joined a support group. You still aren't any better.
You can take this to a doctor and if that doctor can find an error in my conclusion, let them prove it.
There is no pill, position or food that is going to help you.
I am a biofeedback therapist and started seeing this moment I entered the profession because it was what I was trained to see. You are suffering from adrenal overload.
Humans and animals have what is called a flight or fight response when presented with a dangerous situation.
Now you may be thinking the maximum amount of danger you face is a paper cut. That is the actual amount of physical danger you face, the real danger. What you are unaware of is make believe danger you face.
It starts with the news and all the bad things about to happen. Your guns, vote, freedom, women and way of life are threatened every evening and before bed by some enemy who probably doesn't care you exist. Reality shows give you a frightening distorted view of reality in which everyone is out to get you. Can you really trust the family next door or the kid in a hoodie? Comedies should be relabeled tragedies because no one is winning in those either.
Everyone of these things creates a fear response in your mind which begins the flight or fight response.
Let me explain what happens when this response is activated.
First, your blood vessels constrict in your finger, toes, hands, feet, arms, legs and outer layer of skin and muscle and start to push the blood to the core of your body flooding your deep muscles and organs and preventing you from bleeding to death from non-life threatening cuts. This also prepares your muscles to fight or run fast. Any athlete will you this causes a build up lactic acid in the muscle which results in aches and pains. It also raises your blood pressure and stretches your blood vessels.
You begin to breathe more shallowly. You start to tense your arms and legs. You begin to sweat to make it harder for your enemy to hold on to you and then, NOTHING.
There is no enemy to run from or to fight, but your body doesn't know that. It will maintain this state of awareness and readiness until you wear yourself out. You don't even know you are doing it because all of this is happening below your level of awareness. It is like your kidneys functioning or breathing. You aren't aware of it.
The result is the life I detailed above. High blood pressure from all the tensing with no release and if you have a weak blood vessel, an aneurism. All this leads to a heart attack or stroke. Your immune system is activated to take care of any wounds and it stays activated until it wears itself out and you catch every bug that is going around.
Beside massive and ongoing organ damage, a final punch arrives. It's called cancer. You in such a unnatural state that unnatural things start to happen because you are too weak to fight off chemical pollution, allergens and little infections.
All of this occurs because of the constant stream of hate, fear and paranoia you are subjected to every day. You used to go into the doctor's office, DMV, restaurant and if a TV was on you watched a game show or maybe a soap opera. Now you get 24/7 panic attack news, very little of which is factual. Last year I was getting my hair cut and in came a man, livid over something on the news that was an outright lie and didn't even affect him. Oh, I take that back. He was shaking, yelling, sweating and unable to sit still. Yes, it was affecting him.
This is what is wrong with you. This why you are sick and tired and tired and sick all the time. This is why your children who face a constant barrage of tests rather than learning, are sleeping all weekend trying to catch up. You and them, blurry eyed at noon or later over a bowl of sugar...I mean cereal.
At the current rate of hate, fear and spoon fed paranoia, you should start burning out by 30.
Do you know that burn out didn't exist when I was a young adult? You found a job you liked that paid a living wage and you planned on being with that company until retirement. If you were the janitor, that was what you wanted to be. Who is in a job right now that they want to be? Who looks forward to going to work in the morning?
I just read an article suggesting, no demanding, that the author of the Harry Potter books retire, not on some religious or quasi-philosophical argument with the books, but because younger authors should be allowed to publish. She is taking up too much space on the bookshelf. It's time to let someone younger put their book there.
I even saw a letter in dear Abby replacement, suggesting that all older workers retire and open up jobs and promotions for younger people.
Your body knows what this means, but your brain to foggy from constant fear to translate it.
Older people just take up space and food that can be better used to feed and employ younger workers who are too stupid to realize they are about to be the burnt out old people they want to replace for half the price. While we are at it, let's cut social security and medicare so we can starve grandma and grandpa and kill them with easily treated illnesses.
Now that we have done that, let's rewrite history because no one is around who remembers what really happened. You don't really care because you are willing to agree to anything if you can just get a little nap.
I am also a hypnotherapist. Remember that 2 to 7 AM period you are pretty sure you didn't sleep during but you can't remember anything that happened. That is what is called a hypnogogic state. This is a very special mental state in which you are easily manipulated because you want to go to sleep and can't. You will agree to anything to just sleep. It is also a state in which you suffer night terrors where you are paralyzed and can't move. It is more importantly the state in which you see archetypes, figures that embody all the characteristics of bigger than life stereotypes. Death shows up at the foot of the bed in a robe carrying a scythe. Abraham Lincoln comes to take you to freedom. God shows up with advice or the kid in the hoodie has a really big gun. This state is very seldom a pleasant one. More negative than positive figures show up when your world is filled with fear, hate and paranoia.
Yes, my friends, the TV, radio and Internet may well kill you with fear, hate and paranoia.
A certain amount of fear is justified when there are cobras in the fields, but when all the snakes are nonpoisonous, the fear of them is what will kill you. You don't need a real snake to do it.
So right about now the question should be flitting across your brain about whether someone is deliberating trying to kill you and everyone around you.
Let me break a few myths because you are being lied to, bamboozled and conned. The lie is scarcity. There is no scarcity of anything. There are people growing a ton..that's 2,000 pounds of food a month using 1/10 the water a conventional farm uses on less than an acre. It's called aeroponics. Plants are suspended on a conveyor belt and travel round and round all day past misters than moisten their roots and feed them. All plant waste goes to feed earthworms that produce the “soup” that feeds the plants. I saw this setup at Epcot 20 years ago. Those squash were humongous! There is self sustaining hydroponics where food fish are raised in aquariums below plants, eating their plant roots and fertilizing the plants with fish poop. And for those who want the conventional in the ground garden there is a family raising all their food, eggs and milk from goats on less than a half an acre. There is no shortage of food. Wind and solar power produce enough power to take the place of oil and coal within a year if we fast tracked it. There is no scarcity of power. The mint prints out money by the bucket full every day. There is no shortage of money, just of money you can get your hands on. There is no shortage of wealth.
Ah, but what about the pandemics killing me off. You can sell the duct tape and plastic wrap. By the time you find out about the pandemic, you will be dead or really wish you were. There is always a case of bird flu in China and there has always been bird flu in China and it is not coming to get you because it never has. Every continent has its deadly disease. We have ours. It is carried by mice and it kills in days but it stays in the desert in a very specialized environment. You can stop worrying about it.
You are being played, conned and lied to about all this. It isn't a problem.
The thing that seems to have so many people on the edge is someone is coming to get your gun. Well, not all guns are registered. So, someone has to knock on every door and physically take your gun away. How many houses in your neighborhood or apartments in your complex. How long would it take, even with a good workforce to go door to door in say, New York? Who is going to do this? Have you seen a hundred soldiers lounging on the street corner? You don't even have enough cops to fight crime much let alone go door to door. The government can't even conduct the census door to door. It is physically impossible.
Now, how much impact does anything your neighbor does have on you? Playing music too loud might keep you up at night but in reality, there is very little the guy next door can do that has any effect on your life. Be honest, if he running around his front yard nude, your first thought is going to be...gee, I'm in better shape than that. Are you more likely to be discussing lawn care or religion? Truth, now. Lawn care won. So why are you having a religious meltdown because someone, somewhere belongs to a different religion? It might be because someone on the news told to and you are too tired to disagree and too brain fogged to think straight because you are conditioned to fear everyone, hate anyone not just like you and you know they are all out to get you, you just don't know who they are but your body is ready to fight or run 24/7. You are car up on blocks with the petal to the metal and your engine is going to burn out.
Turn the TV, radio and internet off. Get to know the people around you. Smile instead of hiding. Make eye contact. You have nothing to be afraid of. It is all a lie. The lie will kill you and yes, someone is doing it deliberately. Remember when you were young. Remember when you believed in promises. Remember when you worked cheap just to get the job to get experience so you could get the better job because you were young and naïve. They sure do make the best workers......and just as soon as you are too sick and too tired to work and lying on the sofa in a one bedroom apartment staring at the boob tube or the computer eating a chemical hash and dying quickly, big business can make a bigger profit.

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