Monday, April 13, 2015

Has Your Mind been Hacked?

I had a weird experience at 8 AM this morning that bears examination. First, let me give you a little background that may seem a little technical but you should be aware of these things.
Back in the 1950's, which many would have you believe were the good old days. They were if you like avocado green, rampant discrimination against anyone who wasn't a white Christian MALE and hidden government experiments on your brain and body. However, if you are like me who hates the color and is obviously not male and takes offense at anyone messing with their consciousness or body without their permission, the 50's were not a good time.
One famous experiment you may have heard of had to do with flashing pictures of popcorn, drinks and hot dogs on the movie theater screen just before intermission at one frame per about 7 – 10 frames of the movie at the ending when you were paying really close attention to what was happening. It significantly increased sales at the concession stand.
However, there are a couple of things you were never told, just conveniently left to assume. You assumed the people doing the experiment were the owners of the drive-in theater since they benefited. What you were not told was exactly who was doing this experiment nor the simple fact that the first drive-ins where this was done were conveniently located a few miles from one of the biggest military bases known not only for what we call black ops today but also having the largest ophthalmology department in the country actively investigating abnormalities in visual perception because they were trying to find out why some pilots when flying at speeds greater than sound were crashing into mountains for no apparent reason. I mean, it is pretty hard to miss a whole mountain in front of you. You also were not told this military base was running experiments in the local elementary school that I attended, had segregated students with a high IQ (or so they claimed because no one really knows what the test measured and I was assured by a fellow that her father, a doctor on the base, has told her they weren't measuring IQ when she failed the test) into separate classes and experimenting with them to see if subliminal images integrated into a “cartoon” on TV could be used to teach a child without the child knowing. Two years after watching the “cartoon” of a rabbit playing a piano, I sat a piano, looked at the music on the stand and began playing the tune. I am still capable of sight reading music.
This leads to the second thing you weren't told and that was how they got caught. You assumed someone ratted them out. That is not what happened. There are people who are capable of seeing the image being projected between the movie frames. They have what is called + vision in that the eye sees more images faster than the brain can process and as a result they see not a continuous stream like you do, but a sort of choppy version which is missing some frames. As adults their brains smooth out the narrative but as young children, it hasn't learned to that. Unfortunately for the doctors playing around in unsuspecting people's brains, these people would see the single frame they had carefully hidden in the movie and ask their daddy why there were hotdogs, sodas and popcorn on the screen at the end of the movie. Sadly, her daddy could relax and see the same thing. She also wanted to know what the funny things were in the corner of the TV she was watching at school and when she drew them, they turned out to be written music matching what was being played. This earned her an all paid for trip to have her eyes examined free at the big military base by three of the top ophthalmologists in the country. It was found she had plus vision in both eyes. No more TV for Janice. Janice got to sit quietly in the corner of the room for the rest of her tenure or confinement in the special education department.
This was the beginning of subliminal research. It is much more advanced today. You may have bought a subliminal self help CD or DVD and watched it. However, you have been led to believe that susceptibility to subliminal programing or hypnosis is a moral and metal failing. You are weak minded. The opposite is true. You laugh at the person clucking like a chicken on stage or look down your nose at the person who takes the sugar pill (placebo) and it cures their headache. Either that person is weak minded and believes anything or they are a hypochondriac and were pretending. You have been conditioned to believe that for a reason. Even if you know you are being hypnotized, and you will, you are going to reject the fact that it is happening. This makes you one excellent subject. This moral failing of healing by being given a placebo (the evil sugar pill) is really a blessing because first of all you would not be in the experiment if the doctors had not verified you had the medical problem and second, you just healed yourself with no help from “science”. The ability to become a “chicken” on stage also allows you learn easily and adapt quickly to changing circumstances, both of which will guarantee your survival in the wild. You are actually more observant than the regular person and have better physical control. The top athletes in any sport are easily hypnotized, have abnormal vision and can control pain and heal themselves better than the average Joe. It is how they look at how something is supposed to done and then translate it to muscle memory that allows them to excel. They become the chicken or the master golfer.
Which leads to this morning. I was waking up from a nightmare when I heard a man talking. Normally I sit up and try to figure out where the sound is coming from but this morning I was lying on my left side, which is unusual, and that left my 'good' right ear exposed. I decided to not to move a muscle, keep my eyes shut and determine where the sound was coming from. The only two words I managed to decipher before it became gibberish was: ancient....blah-blah....Bull....blah-blah. The man was reciting 4 words, emphasis on the last two off what was obviously a list of words. I opened my eyes and discovered I was staring at my cell phone, which had no light on and registered no activity. I locked it up in the bathroom and have only touched it once today to see if I had any calls.
Was I imagining things? Off to my resident telephonics engineer who knows just about everything in the universe about phones as this used to be his job. He has more patents than anyone who ever worked at Nokia/Siemens. He not only assured me someone could be broadcasting subliminally, but the hack would not trigger the ring tone nor the light nor anything to indicate it was happening. He immediately thought of several profitable products before I yanked him back to planet earth and he told about how some students hacked into the gyroscope in your phone and via two credit purchases and were able to not only tell where you had been the day before but the route you took to get there.
Whoa, Momma, that is scary. They know when you are in bed and they know when you are asleep.
In one of my metaphysical groups, people had noticed they were sensing something in the wee hours of the morning. I have been having panic attacks around 2 AM and I do not have panic attacks. They are easily controlled but I want to know why. Oddly, the attacks completely stopped after I published that to the Facebook group. Subliminal attacks from the cell phone attempting to convince me of something I find offensive or false would cause an unconscious reaction mimicking a minor panic attack. It would simply irritate you and put you on alert creating a fight or flight response which happens to be the panic attack mechanism.

Oh my, it's starting just as the elections swing into gear and every political and religious group has your phone number off Facebook, the NSA or somewhere else. Gee, have you ever wondered why anyone would vote against their best interests? I could hypnotize you and show you how. Hypnosis is a form of subliminal programing just in case you didn't figure that out. You might want to leave that phone in a drawer in another room because taking the battery out may not deactivate it if it has a built in backup that runs on very low power. Just a word to the wise. Mine will be residing in the kitchen in a drawer because the cats, having so much better hearing than we do, have been attacking my phone at night for no apparent reason or at least apparent to a human. Oh, the tin foil hat will have no effect on this because it is simply sound being sent over a phone at a level below a whisper that you cannot consciously hear or understand. It is all very simple technologically and works even better if you think you have a personal relationship with some deity that talks to you; too bad it is some guy in a basement reading a list of things you are supposed to believe or not believe and even if they go completely against your morals, beliefs and best interests, you will find an excuse to justify changing what you believe. They also proved that in psychological experiments in the 1960's and 70's. You don't stand a chance. They can even dumb you down and confuse you about what happened five minutes ago. They can rewrite history you lived and you will never know it.

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