Saturday, April 11, 2015

How the Religion of Love became the Religion of Hate

I have learned something important. Sarcasm works.
Although I have tried, beat my head against the wall and screamed a lot, no one ever listens. However, when I became sarcastic, people started thinking.
Since people started thinking, I decided to actually answer the question everyone kept asking.
Want me to start at the beginning?
I can't because the beginning it way too far away, but the question I was asked by several really good and I mean good as in nice, generous, moral and loving Christians was, “How has my religion gotten this perverted? How has it become a religion of hate? Why are people giving to PIZZA and not the POOR, sick and elderly?”
The answer is simply; it always was. I am not going to explain the spiritual mechanics nor go heavily into the history, but I will simply say that it always has been this way, you were misled.
The beginning of your faith goes further back than the man you call Jesus. It goes back to a creature named Abraham who created a sect of men and women called the illuminated ones or Illuminate. These people/relatives of his would create three religions because their energetic signature was the artificial three whereas all of nature was based on four: earth, air, fire and water or five, adding spirit to the first four. Spirit was the creation of a god and they then divided the god energy into three, perverting the symbols of the people of earth for creation: mother, maiden, crone to a masculine sterile domination of Father, son and spirit.
Having created what was the framework for the Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, they only needed to create symbols to weave through all of them and appeal to every member of the masses so they would then give their energy in the form of belief and finally all their money which is nothing more than a symbol of the person's life's worth to them or soul/complete being.
So how did Christianity, a religion of love become the religion of hate?
It always was, you just weren't listening. Put simply, let's start with Christ. Christ is a concept not a man. However, you wear a cross which was the instrument of a man's, Jesus, torture and death. Why? Why are you celebrating his death and not his life? But, you may say, he was resurrected. Was he? He DIED on the cross for your sins and yet, there isn't a single real reference to that being his intention. If so, wouldn't your slate be wiped clean? Are you beginning to see there is a little more going on here than you have been mislead to believe? The Roman crucified thieves, not political prisoners. They would have happily cut his head off after they drew and quartered him and put it on a pike at the city gates to warn others that messing with their tax collection system was fatal because the Emperor liked his gold coins, not those cheap plated ones the people used for daily trade. So what did Jesus steal? Well, pockets hadn't been invented so we can be pretty sure he didn't pocket a few coins while overturning those tables in the temple. The answer is nothing but he came close to revealing a well kept secret, a secret so well kept the Illuminate would create an entire head of the Abrahamic beast in his name. Unfortunately it would be in name only because the whole thing would just be another conduit to pass life energy on to them.
Take sentence one. Jesus died for our sins. Jesus is a scapegoat. This is an ancient concept going back to the Sumerians and adopted heavily by the first Abraham where a goat was taken each year, symbols of all the sins of the his people attached to it and it was then thrown off cliff to break its legs and left to die. Barbaric? Yes, but more symbolic. The scapegoat with broken legs could not escape the wolves and other predators. Who was the goat the symbol of? Satan. So by worshiping the scapegoat, you are worshiping Satan and who or what did the Illuminate really want to destroy? The answer to that question is knowledge. Satan was the most beautiful angel, the one who refused to bow down to an ignorant, imperfect mankind and the one who had the gift of knowledge. It was he who gave to humans the knowledge of the gods which they quickly forgot. The last thing the Illuminate want is a knowledgeable population.
So, they have you happily erect three story crosses, wear them and even picture “Jesus” hanging and bleeding in pain, tortured on that cross everywhere to symbolize the death and destruction of knowledge and love.
I know, your eyes are getting a little wide at this point. Well, let me finish this for you. The real Jesus was a short, dark, black haired, brown eyed rather ugly man of Middle Eastern descent. The one on your cross is a tall blond with blue eyes and universally handsome, just like Satan. The whole time, you have been worshiping the destruction of love and knowledge. You have been erecting huge monuments to hate, pain, torture and death.
And now you want to know how your religion was perverted from one of love to hate. This is where I giggle. You have been conned, lied to, bamboozled and whatever other term you can think into supporting the agenda of the Illuminate or the descendants of Abraham.
Don't be misled into thinking these would people of Jewish descent. They are actually people from the Caucasus mountain range that borders Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russian and Iran or all the major players in what is set to be the next world war. They made their little trips down from the nice cool climate, which is why you find the clothing being worn as a norm in the Middle East for a people living in a cold climate not a hot desert and created the religions of Abraham, the caste system of India and finally managing a toehold in the Asia with Confucius, the material system to oppose Taoism. They were busy little bees, or should I say demons.
What did the man Jesus really teach because you are guaranteed on very few hints existing in your Holy Books since they are based on the destruction of everything he tried to be? The very first thing he insisted upon was he was NOT the son of any god. That is very important, because he was telling you he was NOT of the Abrahamic line. If he were alive today, he would neither be considered a follower of Judaism, Christianity or Islam.
In India, he taught that there was no difference between the tall, handsome Brahmin, light skinned often with blond and blue eyes, and the untouchables who were small dark and considered so ugly they had to ring a bell so the Brahmin wouldn't accidentally have their view of the world spoiled by looking at them. Ah the shades of code enforcement to make sure your property looks like everyone's version of beauty. But, who is everyone? Do you see how this evil has infiltrated everything down to the gutter? He taught you were put here to love one another, to share your joy and bounty and most importantly, that there was nothing the “God” could do you were not capable of doing. You were capable of the same “miracles”.
Well, he should have known because the real Jesus was psychic, a healer and capable of levitating. He managed to escape every country just before the local police knocked on the door to haul his ass off for prison or execution and there is no reason to assume he didn't manage the same trick with the Romans. He escaped by blending in with the locals, a good 98% of which were small, dark people not tall blonds.
But, the followers of Judaism were crying out for the prophet that Abraham had predicted would come and Jesus was psychic, hence a prophet, so they pinned the tag on him and it almost worked until someone created a religion around his perversion. You see, if he were the prophet of Abraham, he would not have become a completely new religion he would have become the prophet of Judaism. That is also why there can't be a second coming because there never was a first. That is also why Mohammed cannot be the “prophet”. If he were, the followers of Judaism would simply have followed him. You see logic/knowledge is the enemy of the Abrahamic religions and must be crucified at all costs.
So, now you know how what you thought was your religion has become a religion of hate, just like Islam and Judaism have become the religions of hate. With any luck, you will succeed in destroying most of the world's people, losing all your resources and plunging your children and grandchildren into complete poverty, ill health and ignorance so the Illuminate can rule you and live in the style to which they were accustomed before some of the humans got uppity, raping, pillaging and having the power of life and death at whim over you. They have already built their sprawling compounds complete with private armies to defend them against you and their brethren. You really don't think they trust each other, do you? Theirs is a world of separatism, dominionism and greed. They have you worshiping the instrument of your destruction. They have you hating everyone that doesn't bow to them. I would say they have done a bang up job.
Now, when are you planning on getting off your knees, reclaiming your power, taking back your world and making it the paradise that the man called Jesus told you it could be? I won't wait for an answer because I have things to do and I know you will never do it. It would take work and you want to mix it with water and get instant forgiveness for all your imagined sins. You want to be better, more moral, more beautiful and have more toys than the poor person next door. You want a non-existent god to pat you on the head and tell you that you and you alone are the best because you and only you have a personal relationship with him. The last thing you want is to join your real people, love them and let each person be themselves because then, you actually might have to wake up and look in the mirror and take responsibility for what you are. Then you might actually meet the real Jesus and not the scapegoat. You might discover he is just a man, a very smart and loving man, but a real man. And you just might discover that god is not dead, it was never alive and you are the one responsible for everything and everyone. You are part of a whole and you are the steward of the planet earth, not its ruler.
Now, this Druid is off to take care of her little corner of the world because that is why I exist. I am a caretaker, just like you should be.

But before you go, return to the middle of this article and look at the countries around the Caucasus mountains. They are in line for demolition because some smart guy or girl with a cell phone camera, Facebook connection or a hacker deciding to take a look at the raw Google footage, might just publish some real history that the Illuminate do not want you to see. The last thing they want is proof of their existence.  

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