Friday, August 11, 2017

Ritual vs Sacred vs Metaphysical Jewelry

There is a lot of confusion regarding which is which and what each type of jewelry is used for and when you wear it. Blurring the lines will invalidate the piece of jewelry and it's effect.
Ritual jewelry is always handmade by someone, not necessary the owner. It has a specific purpose for a specific ritual. It is kept in a special place and not brought out except for the specific ritual. An example is I had a beautiful pendant made of raw Lemurian crystal from Brazil. It had come directly from the finder to me with a minimum amount of handling. Being a raw crystal, it was sharp on the edges, not polished and ground like most of the crystals you see for sale. I sold it to a lady after I had cleansed it and assumed from telling her it was sharp and raw and a ritual crystal, she knew what it was being a “high priestess”. I guess I should have found out of what she was a high priestess as a couple of days later she wanted to return it because it had cut her when she wore it to work. When I understood she meant place of employment I was horrified and took the crystal back. It took a month to cleanse it and then it went to someone who understood it was ritual and to be kept in its special pouch. Because the ritual jewelry only emerges when the energies are right, is only touched by the person it belongs to and is used in sacred rituals, it is very powerful. It is made for that one purpose.
Sacred jewelry is a little different. It is usually handmade or something passed down through generations. It is worn to special events and is sacred to the person wearing it. It can be expensive or cheap with sentiment attached. It should not be touched by anyone other than the owner. It is for public viewing whereas ritual jewelry is not. It has a moderate amount of power, usually of attraction.
Metaphysical jewelry is usually mass produced and wore for its metaphysical properties. Sometimes it is blessed. An example of this would be the gemstone bracelets you buy and wear daily or a medal of some kind. Anyone can touch it. It is very weak.
The price of each piece is not relevant to its use. However, ritual jewelry must be made at a specific time and moon phase by someone who knows what they are doing and they have to maintain the focus of the purpose of the piece while making it. That, in itself, raises the price. You do not handle ritual jewelry unless you are buying it. You could say, “You touch it, you buy it.”

So, please don't tell anyone you are wearing your ritual jewelry to work. They will cringe and not take anything you say after that seriously about your qualifications.

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