Friday, June 1, 2012

The Eclipse of 06/04/12 and transit of Venus across the Sun

I've read such wonderful things about this lunar eclipse that I can't help wondering whether I or them are on different planets in different solar systems. So I decided to cast a chart using Solfire, a very accurate program, and see what I found. Okay...definitely different solar systems. Remember, all is energy, frequency and vibration. Astrology tracks the path of energy through various vibrations and the frequency at which it occurs. All wave forms can be cancelled.

First of all, the only easy (good), well almost, aspect is Saturn in Libra trining Mercury in Gemini. Normally an air trine of this type would produce lively debate resulting in balance, but Libra has trouble making up her mind and she also tends to go with whatever the trend is at the time. Thus, this indicates on a Global Basis, that whoever has the power to control the media controls what information is released and since Saturn is the planet of authority, austerity and lessons, that information is guaranteed to keep those in power, in power and remove any vestige of power from the powerless.

Now let's look at the rest of the aspects. The Moon is opposition to the Sun. This is what produces an eclipse of the Moon, but she is also in opposition to Venus and Mercury who are joining the Sun in Gemini. The Moon is in the sign of justice, higher education, non-commitment and wanderlust: Sagittarius. What that means is no matter how lofty and fair the ideas generated, they tend to be just so much hot air. Lip service is given to principles no one is going to adhere to in the long run.

But these is more.....

Neptune, the planet of spirituality in olden days, which has come to mean belief today, illusion and down right lying is opposing Jupiter the planet of expansion, money and finance in good old "I got mine you go to Hades" Taurus in a long term transit. Now why exactly did the housing market collapse (another thing Jupiter rules in Taurus), the banking collapse and the grand larceny of Wall Street come as surprise to anyone? Neptune is a nice planet of dreams but totally ineffectual in the dreamy sign of Pisces even though he rules Pisces. In short, Neptune is weaving the everything is fine illusion so Jupiter in Taurus can pick your pocket.

Pluto in Capricorn, another of the heavy weights and the transformer of the Zodiac is Squaring Uranus the planet of sudden change in hot headed "I want it yesterday" Aries who seldom looks where he is leaping. This my friends is the aspect of revolution and if Uranus gets pushed too far, the little guy looses it and revolts violently producing an equally violent reactions from Pluto who has thrown his lot in with Authority, Established Orders and Royalty. This is not a good long term transit because Capricorn plans for every eventuality (i.e. million dollar self sufficient bunkers) while impulsive Aries forgets that blowing up the water plant is going to leave him awfully thirsty.

Then our last set of troublemakers in this drama is Mars in Virgo squaring both the Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini. Mars in Virgo puts all energy in putting things back to the way they were and he doesn't like those watery Moon energies of fair play and silly Sun energies that want to think things through and experiment. Mars in Virgo has a habit of destroying everything to put it back the way he wants it. He has never learned the art of the rearrangement of resources or compromise.

So once again, someone explain to me where the "good" aspects of this eclipse are. I am having trouble finding them again.

Now then, the only difference between this day and the transit of Venus across the Sun is the Moon is moving out opposition to this unholy alliance and...oh yes my friends there is a new aspect call an inconjunct. This is called free floating anxiety, sandpaper on the nerves and oh gee, I just want to kill something energy. It is actually worse than an opposition because with an opposition you know who the enemy is. With an inconjunct you just know something bad is hiding under the bed and you had better blow the bed up real fast. Unfortunately you tend to forget you are sitting on the bed at the time.

So once again...look at the clock and send that energy out because the people who really rule the world are going to try and create WWW3 or just seriously increase the suicide rate during this week. Forewarned is forearmed. Peace to you and yours.

The forces of darkness will use this eclipse to amplify the energies to push people over the edge. You will see the rate of violence in all areas increase, road rage incidents will jump and if stopped by the local police, know your rights and expect to kicked in the teeth for knowing them. Authority figures will be on ego trips just to see how far they can push their power.

I suggest every time you look at a clock during this upcoming period, you take the time number: noon = 1,200 and you say...I send peace and tranquility to 1,200 people who need it. May they be blessed. Do this every time you look at a clock using the time as the number of people you are sending the energy out to and this will confuse any blocking energies because the people and amount of energy being sent becomes random and they won't be able to get a fix on it.

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