Friday, June 1, 2012

If I Wanted to Rule the World

If I were going to control people I would create a religion with a group of people designated to communicate with and deliver messages from a god. I would make certain they dressed in cumbersome outfits so no one would be mistaken for one of them and include near impossible rules, feed them, cloth them, protect them from laws and house them, making it a haven for the weak and perverted that are easily controlled via their vices. That stops them from rebelling against me.

Then I convince the general public they are all sinners that are put here to suffer in order to redeem themselves for some offense against me that they had no control over and they will get rewarded for suffering in the wonderful afterlife. That lets me steal everything they own and give it to my 'priests' because I deserve it for what I have gone through ans sacrificed for them. 

I allow the males dominance over the females to give them some sense of control and superiority. Since the only hope the female has of rest and freedom from the resulting beating and endless rape and childbearing is a miracle from the omnipotent god, I insure she will instill obedience to this god in her children as they are the only thing she can dominate and she, is after all, in control of them during their formative years. The more followers she turns out, the more likely her petition for that miracle will be answered. That way, the females most dominated and controlled turn out the most dedicated followers of my new 'religion'. The males are not going to take care of the babies and young children, so I allow the cruelest and most dominant to have to the most wives they can beat and reproduce with, creating a nice army of followers for me via the wives seeking a miracle of relief from my god.

Then if the people get uppity or begin to see through what I have created and how it keeps them in poverty and ignorance, I would create government to give them a sence of participation in their destiny but stack it with the weak who will owe me their livelihood and continue to preach both the religion and now: patriotism, the new universal god.

Do I need to continue or are you getting the picture yet????

Well, let's allow this historical figure to sum it up for you:
And let's rich get richer....

Have a nice life, slaves.

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