Saturday, June 9, 2012

The God and Cross Game

Quite amazingly or not, people tend to mouth things. They never stop to consider what they are actually saying or bother to reason whether what they are saying makes any sense what-so-ever. They just keep repeating the catch phrase.

Let's take the phrase: "Put God back into . Or, even better, they are taking god out of .....

Now if "god" is infinite, obviously you can't stuff it into something because it is too big nor can you remove it for the same reason.

If god is omnipotent, it is already part of everything and cannot be subtracted from it and anyway, it wants a huge honking symbol on mainstreet, it is perfectly capable of putting it there all by itself.

So what the Hades does this really mean?

You will find this is always followed up by wanting to put a symbol of one's god in a public place, preferably several stories high.

And equally as certain, you find a number of people it really ticks off, so the question is why does this keep happening. I call it The God Game.

Energy, vibration and frequency. All matter is composed of energy. All energy has a form or shape (frequency) and those two elements set up a vibration which then hits other energetic forms (people for example) and affects their vibration causing a shift in their frequency and energy which manifests in their behavior. Words and symbols have an effect on everything they hit.

The God Game

Every god symbol is pretty much known by everyone else. Everyone can easily tell me to what religion a cross, pentagram, yin/yang or six sided star belongs. So when you see the symbol, in one neat energetic package, you get the whole doctrine forced into your brain and as a result, it affects your entire energetic being. So, he who manages to erect the largest symbol has the largest effect on the creatures called humans.

However, the interesting part is that the followers think they know what the symbol really means when in fact, the symbol is nothing more than a carrier for a much older and in many cases, darker knowledge. They have no idea they are allowing a key to be inserted in their minds that allows other creatures of a different energy vibration and form to enter and influence their actions.

One thing I hear so much is; exactly where does the current crop of Christians get their egocentric, oppressive, discriminatory, predatory doctrine from when their own "Savior" preached just the opposite. Well, it have something to do with the cross. 

The cross is one of the most ancient symbols in the universe. It is comprised of two lines of energy crossing each other, or is it? In reality the cross is four lines of energy converging into a central point and that central point being hit with opposing energies then creates an opening through dimensions. The cross, cross roads, is a portal to other dimensions and hence, all magick, dark or light, is most powerful at crossroads, at least until recently. Now the energy is almost always dark. Just try feeling it next time you are waiting for the traffic light to change.

Take a look at what we have done to cross roads. At first, common courtesy dominated the right of way. We then put signs up as we can't trust people to think for themselves. They actually might start thinking. Then we came up with a system to determine who had the right of way...the one to right is always supposed to have the right of way. If you stop and think you will realize that doesn't work because someone is always to other's right. Thus why would someone even come up with this system except to convince people that the right is always the winner and the left the loser. So, whoever gets there first has the right of way and since that didn't work, we came up with traffic lights in red, green and yellow. Now we have cameras on every cross so you know big brother or god is always watching and you will be ticketed and fined for any minor infraction.

But, the Universe is energy. This new system of crosses, has created a new mind set of religion. The cross is no longer courteous, as two people show mutual respect by allowing the other the right of way to cross and even get to know each other at the intersection. The cross is an angry god because you have sinned one too many times and will now get your ticket and fine for it. There is nothing you can do. There are no extenuating circumstances. The cross is right and you comply or are wrong. No arguments are accepted.

This has changed the entire energetic vibration of the symbol. No matter what god you want to drape on this symbol, the symbol is now oppressive, hateful and unforgiving.

Let's look at the classic symbol of yin/yang. Most people are relaxed by looking at it. It is the perfect balance of light and dark, white and black, but that isn't what it means. See the little opposing colored splash in each side. The symbol actually means that nothing is pure. There is some light in all dark and dark in all light. Take a good look at all the yin/yang's around the net. That little splash is disappearing from them. Now things are black or white, good or bad. There is no forgiving knowledge that nothing is pure.

The six pointed star is actually two triangles laying on each other. It symbolized, originally the upper trinity and the lower trinity, as above; so below. This world is a reflection of the other worlds to infinity. Mankind is symbolized the lower two points (male and female) forming a line and the upper point is god (a neutral organism) the creator, i.e. creative energy. The same is reversed for the lower half, but the lower point is the reverse of "god" energy or what is often considered the destructive force. Now next time you see this symbol, take a really good look at which triangle is on top of which one to determine what force is being implanted in your mind to dominate you. 

Yes, you really have to pay attention. That is why originally, the drawing or creation of sacred symbols was only entrusted to those who had the talent and the knowledge to imbue them with the proper energy. Now, it is copied and broadcast within a millisecond to open and waiting minds with no knowledge of what they are getting from anonymous sources who know exactly what they are doing.

It reminds of the two immigrants who went grocery shopping and didn't speak English. They were so shocked when the huge can of shortening they bought did not contain a chicken. A lot of people are going to be very shocked their huge can of symbol doesn't contain the god they thought it did, but by then, it tends to be too late, unless you like eating shortening for dinner.

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