Friday, February 8, 2013

A Little Karma Story for Everyone

Once upon a time there were 4 people in college. One was a somewhat talented artist studying at University. Her roommate was a talented scientist. One day the roommate tried to draw a person and did a halfway decent job but the artist could see the proportions were all off.
You see, at the time they went to school, if a student had extraordinary talent in the arts, they received special instruction and everyone else got to learn how to push the broom as they were going to become workers in a factory somewhere.
But the artist always wanted to teach art, so she spent several weeks after classes teaching her moderately talented roommate how to grid and copy pieces of artwork and proportions. The artist got her wish and became an art teacher, married and had her children and generally enjoyed a lovely and very happy, but mundane life to some. Her children were all successful and went on to change the lives of other people for the better.
In the other room there was a talented musician who had just learned how to write music but already, her playing and little songs were touching other people. Her roommate may have had a talent but she was too focused on her complexion and constant break outs, nails and hair to study and find her talent and focus. Nothing made her happy but new boots for a few minutes. She was jealous of her musician roommate's clear complexion and couldn't enjoy the music she produced and the pleasure she gave the other students only infuriated the jealous one more.
Finally in frustration, she bought a curse for sex with a local babalawo, male priest in Santeria, to give the girl a nasty breakout. She didn't understand or listen to the warning that there was no way to completely predict the severity of the curse and anyway, she really didn't care. She just wanted this girl to suffer the way she did with horrible pimples. The babalawo also didn't mention the karma for the curse would be attached to her, not him and perhaps at a later date, he might use the nice saliva samples he had on the condom to attach the karma for a few curses he intended to throw for his personal revenge upon her, skating the karma himself for just being a nasty, bad person.
She was ecstatic as the musician was totally broken out, so distracted she almost missed her recital and couldn't preform her music correctly. This lead the musician to agree with her parents and change her major to something practical. The jealous one now had a simple way to deal with her pain. She would pay someone to inflict pain on others and it seemed she was quite successful, even though her marriages ended in divorce and her precious children were all in menial jobs and getting psychiatric help. Finally the culmination of her success as a person (in her view point) arrived in the guise of a grandchild.
One night the grandchild suffered problems breathing and was rushed to the emergency room where the child died within a few minutes, devastating the jealous one and throwing her into a fit screaming that everyone had cursed her and driving her daughter down the same path spending every penny and moment trying to buy more curses against all the people that were cursing them to this miserable life of loneliness and pain.
Little did the jealous one know that Karma had set her up from the beginning. The musician whose potential career she ruined had suffered from devastating and disfiguring skin cancer her entire life making her a recluse, so she never wrote the song that would have inspired the young man devastated by the death of his baby sister from pulmonary collapse to finish medical school and get the job he wanted in the very same emergency room where his sister had died years before, and the jealous one's grandchild died that night, on the night shift so he would be there to help the children and adults who arrived dying with this rare condition. And as each person who should have lived: died, another piece of karma returned to the original sender as a broken promise, a divorce, a mentally unstable child and finally the death of the most important thing in her life.
Now, had the jealous one learned not to inflict her pain deliberately on other people and solve her problems, seek her bliss and talent, and enjoy the talents of others instead of cursing them because she could not become them, she would have had a loving family and lots of grandchildren to enjoy and tell stories to at night. She could have stopped the cycle when she saw the devastation she had caused over a few pimples, rectified it by encouraging her roommate musician rather then secretly gloating and undermining her, but instead, she enjoyed the power and as the old adage says, “power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately”.
A curse, prayer or spell ties you to the fate of the person you curse or have cursed, prayed for or cast a spell upon and that is Karma. So you might find the “good spells and prayers” for jobs or health or success boring and the curses, prayers to harm the misguided, and blocking paths spells more exciting as you watch someone's life fall apart and justify it with “they deserved it” but while you are watching the very real reality show, your life is getting ready to crash and burn and sometimes karma will even provide you a house and car so you can really watch the show in comfort just before she delivers the final blow. Karma is a lot like Anonymous. She never forgets. She never forgives. She will come for you. She just balances the damage and good you do by doing it to you.

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