Saturday, February 23, 2013

What the Mercury Retrograde means for you and the world

Today, Mercury is stationary today, but he is going retrograde. There are a few things aside from everything going half arsed backwards, breaking down and generally making you think Murphy has taken up residency with you that you need to know about a Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury is the planet of communications, electronics and movement. He is quicksilver. He influences not only the physical, but the mental and spiritual. He can make your life a picnic or a nightmare.
Mercury doesn't actually move backwards. The planet appears to move backwards to us but as he moves backwards in a sign of the Zodiac or rather a Zodiac Energy field, he revisits all the unfinished business in that sign and the aspects he makes to the planets are how the energy has to be resolved for a feeling of closure or is just repressed, canned and waits for a future date that resonates with it to explode.

Mercury will be spending his retrograde in Pisces and in my universe as a psychic, only Scorpio is worse but at least you get the sexual peccadilloes with Scorpio for entertainment value. With Pisces you just get the weeping, whining, psychotic breakdowns. To add to the - I really need a vacation aspect - of this Retrograde, old Mercury is giving a hug to a few planets and it is more like a strangle hold than anything pleasant. Old Mercury uses and abuses and is then out of there before you know who to blame.

I don't think anyone is going to disagree that we as a country and people have a LOT of ISSUES that need to be revisited and solved. If Mercury actually made it to the progessive Venus in Aquarian energies, we might stand a chance, but things are not going to be that easy. Mercury will not be returning to the progressive Aquarian energies but will eventually enter the war energies of Mars in, don't consider the consequences drop a bomb on it, Aries. So in the next three weeks expect Mercury, always in Pisces, who clings to the past like demented Velcro, to hit Mars the one planet that drowns in Pisces, punches everyone out just because it feels good and is generally a very unhappy camper to whisper words of dissonance in Mars' ears. Mars is male energy now sinking in a feminine sea of Piscean emotion when he really wants to start a war and clean house. Mercury will give this whining and screaming a voice like fingernails down a chalkboard. This will produce suppressed rage and a lion's share of that will be directed at women and what are considered to feminine occupations like education and healthcare.

Then for the real fun of it Mercury sneaks over to commiserate with Chiron, the wounded teacher, and when he gets finished Chiron takes a long dive into whatever affliction wounded him in the first place and has trouble crawling out. Mercury is also the planet of advertising and propaganda, so expect an attack on the entire educational system designed with one single purpose; to destroy it by any means possible. "Mercury in Pisces is not the most truthful of energies," she understated.....

Mercury is not satisfied with hitting the community of  national and local problems, he has to take a swing at the Sun and Pisces, along with Scorpio and Cancer, will have a difficult time with this Retrograde. Addictions, weaknesses, moral indiscretions are all in the news and since Pluto, the planet of change is in Capricorn, good old authority figures, scandals will come to the surface. Now the bad part of this is that to deflect the public's attention from the scandals of those in high positions, they will go on a witch hunt after the average guy who is unable to spend the money and time to defend himself. It's the old shell game. If the media says look here, quickly look there.

Mercury isn't having fun until he teams up with Neptune the planet of illusions and outright lies. You haven't been having fun until this point because now you can't trust or believe anything you are being told. All that glitters is and isn't gold. Confusion is the lay of the land. Nothing is as it appears and tensions are mounting.

The Mercury finally does the Venus dance but Venus has moved into Pisces, clinging to an idealized and fake past, wearing a mask and doing the dance of love in costume and lie. Let her take you back to the good old days. Take a look at the good old days through a thick veil. Find yourself in the good old days and they aren't at all should have been paying more attention! Must be your fault because Venus and Mercury in their beautiful dance have not only left the floor but the building leaving you on a scarred, dirty and ancient dance floor with no music and only skeletons doing an endless Minuet of failure.

Oh well, we'll just go dance with Neptune, Chiron, Mars and your ego, the Sun, again! OUCH!

The summation of this Retrograde is repressed rage because nothing gets settled and lies are the currency of anyone with power over you.

But expect nothing to happen except perhaps an ulcer until April 19th and then duck and run. This is the beginning of an explosive and revolutionary period. Mercury hits Uranus and the brown sticky smelly stuff hits the rotary propeller and this time, it is a jet engine. Since Uranus is very happy blowing things up, literally and figuratively, in Aries, rhetoric starts a very real revolution. Mars is in Aries applying its warlike energies to the Sun and Venus in Taurus which is money and property. People are demanding their fair share and fair treatment. Do not assume they will not resort to violence to get those things. All that repressed rage is going to erupt like an overripe pimple if changes do not come post haste, like yesterday......

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