Monday, February 18, 2013

Meet the Next President of the USA

Meet the next president of the USA, the man the right wants you to think was President Obama.....

Here's the way it is going down and I use no psychic ability to make the predictions. I just follow the money.
As I reported to you from just looking around in my Florida County, and the excellent article in Mother Jones, the Tea Party has tanked Florida's economy, resources, schools, drinking water, roads...heck..the whole state. As soon as Scott slimes his way out of office, we will be broke in so many ways Webster is probably just going to define the word broke: noun and verb. Definition: Florida. After the mosquitoes drain us of blood we won't have enough brain power to tell you what happened here.
We will not be recovering from this and thus, we are going to have very little to say over the next 4 years having been effectively silenced. I am going to say what we won't be able to say.
The Tea Party, a political movement financed by super right wing corporations like Koch's and the rest, took over the USA by starting at the bottom packing the courts, dismantling voting rights, gerrymandering districts to elect their candidates, maintaining a majority in state and national legislatures to block all social programs and dismantling the Post Office, Medicare and Social Security and distribution of money to repair bridges, roads, levees and dams. They will do this for the next 4 years by blocking all LIBERAL (the new dirty word) bills in order to continue to dismantle the entire country, disrupt the lines of supply (roads and bridges) for essential services like food and water, and privatize schools, fire protection, medical aid, prisons and the distribution of physical information (mail) and supplies (packages sent via the Post Office).
As an side, the attack on the Post Office exists because the Post Office has steadfastly refused various agencies once controlled by their people (like Bush, Sr.) access to your mail without due process whereas the for profit companies that deliver in their trucks to your home happily roll over and let them search and seize whatever the intelligence and law enforcement communities want. The type of merchandise you can send via the Post Office has been systematically restricted by the Tea Party gang to the point you cannot legally send perfume in a package because it contains oil. This is why you are paying so much for essential oils. We now have to ship UPS or FedEx at a premium. Guns and ammo also have to go via private carrier, be declared and have a hazardous sticker on them outlining what the contents are on the OUTSIDE of the package. Even the sulfur I use for Hot Foot Powder has to come via UPS or the like and so does the Hoodoo powder I send you after it is made.
In four years after the districts are rigged they will not be trying to get a majority in your state senate as they do not need one and your local elections are moot, not needed, a frivolous and dying attempt at sanity for anyone still standing. It won't matter who you elect because as you attempt to fix the damage at a state and federal level that has reduced the country to third world status it will be vetoed at the Top National Level, the presidency and with a packed Supreme Court there will be no way to overturn the veto. Remember, Bush packed the Supreme Court and the Tea Party Koch owned Congress is blocking every nomination.
These same PAC's that bankroll the Tea Party Congressmen are abandoning them in a sinking ship as they no longer need them. Instead, all the money is being channeled into the Tea Party's darling new presidential candidate, a little known water swilling opportunist who is personally perpetually broke and on the take named Marco Rubio. Yes, the same man who got elected in Miami by waving the anti-Fidel flag and wanting to raise the age for Social Security to over 70 and eliminating Medicare. He is the Tea Party, or whoever buys him this week, anti-women hero.
The reason so many radical Tea Party candidates who were stupid enough to join him found themselves out of a job is before the election of President Obama, Rubio's PAC which controls the majority of money in Florida for the Tea Party spent 1.7 Million Dollars trying to re-brand him into a moderate when he is the worst of the extremists following an even radical to his Catholic faith agenda where social and feminine programs are concerned. They spent $110,000.00 on OTHER candidates. Wait until you find out who they really are.....yes...just wait for it.....
He was re-elected and the other candidates are out of a job. BUT, the stated purpose of the PAC, ReClaim America (you may know them from the catchy memes on the sidebar of Facebook) is to elect other Conservatives. To bad all the money went to Rubio's STAFF.
Practically every penny of that money is spent on staff, travel, polling and fund raising lists.
You need to pay close attention to the word POLLING.
Rubio's staff positions him as a middle Class (He never was and never will be middle class. His family arrived before Castro, well off and just got richer off the incoming Cuban refugees who really did arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs. His financial problems come from spending more than he makes.) They challenge every point, even minor ones, in any article his name appears. They constantly conduct polls to determine the effect of every appearance and word their man of the people utters He is the sports fan, Joe next door who plans on making sure your parents can't eat and buy their medicines or retire, nice guy. After all, “It's time new messengers came forth to carry the torch”, as we the people are seriously considering tarring and feathering the old carpet, I mean Tea Baggers and running them out of town on a rail. It's the SAME TORCH, people.
I don't care how blinded you are by the lies, you can't deny the truth. This New son of immigrants who opposes any immigrant entering the country without lots of money to spend and the “right” political views....... the oppressed, persecuted and poor need not apply....... is just a more radical carbon copy of the mouthy Allen Wests of the Teapublicans with a team to gag him, groom him and write nice platitudes like: “Send the liberal detractors a message that not only does Marco Rubio inspire you...he hydrates you (sic) too.” It takes $25.00 to get one of those bottles of water. Just remember the type of immigrant his parents were, well off and politically connected to profit off the poor who arrived after them. In the South, we call them Carpet Baggers. In the rest of the country you can call them Tea Party/GOP.
Have you ever wondered why he needed that drink? Perhaps he was choking on all the BS he was reading but the drink has effectively moved the focus from the speech which should be analyzed sentence by sentence as the GOP/Tea Party agenda for the next 8 years and instead placed it on a bottle of water. Then again, the bottle of water had more substance than the speech and the emphasis is on the pretty boy quoting sport's scores and pop tunes rather than the ugly plans within.....
BUT the question you really should be asking is: who is the Tea Party and who is financing them. It's not some weirdo on the corner screaming and waving a smaller government sign. It is an off-shore mega corporation whom I think is still pissed off we won WWII. Think about it. The money is coming from out of the country. Who is your real enemy? Who is buying this country and why? It might have something to do with the simple fact that they have been thrown out of Europe....hmmmmm.....

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