Saturday, August 31, 2013

History's Judgment

Today's first thing that popped out in the newspaper was the statement: “History will not judge us well if we do not intervene in Syria.”


Dear Congress,

Here is your judgment from History, whatever that is.... You have destroyed the Middle Class, left the elderly, poor, disabled, children and Veterans of your wars homeless, hungry and with no hope for anything but poverty and disease and perhaps a quick death to get out of this country. You have fed a bloated rich class, which happens to include you, with the blood of the rest of this country. You have faked the economy to rob the poor where the middle class now resides. You have destroyed 98% of the people's hope for even basic medical care. You have taken their money and given it to your rich friends to gamble with on the Stock Market like some sort of a roving poker game. You have lied your way into one war after another killing and maiming the poor and stupid who were just looking for an education, food and the hope of raising themselves out of this garbage can you built all by yourselves.

Now, you actually think anything you do in Syria will even be a blip on your resume? Think again. You have already screwed your place in history. Nothing in the next year will save you or get you a favorable line in the text books unless you can get a Saudi Arabian owned FOX news to write them and since they don't want you in Syria, that prospect is looking poor.

Dear President Obama,

Lobbing missiles at Syria is not going to do anything for your place in history. You will go down as the first black president and after that, with any luck, the page will be blank. After all, what exactly have you done in 5 years?

You were elected on a platform of healthcare reform, stopping the insane war machine and bringing prosperity back to this country.

What we got was a watered down insurance company approved bill and postponement of its implementation until you can get safely out of office. In the meantime, the war on the little womenfolk’s health kicked into high gear and states got away with denying them prenatal care, birth control and forcing them to bear rape babies while giving the rapist “parental rights”. In short, your administration allowed women to be reduced to chattel (check the Bible for definition) while not worrying about your own because after all, you are now a member of the elite, permanent healthcare, salary for life and even protection from the rabble.

You will not get credit for marriage reform as that goes to the Supreme Court and lastly, the IRS.

You will not get credit for much of anything as you haven't really done anything but give the their place in history above....everything they wanted. If anything your place in history will read:

Yes Man to a dysfunctional, delusional Congress.

Syria isn't going to save you. It will destroy you.

If nothing else, the place both you and Congress will earn in history will be one of more horror than any genocidal dictator in history. You will be the people who reduced war to a video game played from a safe underground bunker with remote controlled missiles and little marks on a white board representing hits as you reduced people to game pieces in whatever demented actions you take. Those marks on the white board include your own people in this country.

I doubt History will judge you at all because I doubt there will be any History to remember you, but perhaps, that is the goal. As for judgments, that is between you and your maker and you might want to consider the 1% only consider themselves to be the “human beings worthy of life” and of course, a place in history.

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