Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SYRIA: The distraction for a pickpocket Congress

Good Morning Fellow Serfs, it is time to listen to Mother Revolutionary about something that affects all of you donors to the government till or as they put it: tax payers.

Just as Congress is about to pass a budget which no one with a brain likes, they are deciding whether to get your children blown up in Syria. Best pay attention to this budget because when your darlings get back from the latest religious/oil war, they will get hit with the budget and the task of finding a non-existent job. When they find that fast food job, put their little uniforms on and work with no benefits, they will get a check and that will be when they discover the great god, Social Security, has just taken a huge chunk of the change they worked for all week.

The plan that is called a compromise and just happens to be what the GOP has wanted for 5 years is tying the amount of money your elderly relatives and friends get every month to the Cost of Living. This affects you because if they are relatives, guess who is going to have to make up the difference or have mom and dad and grandma and grandpa living with them? The answer is YOU, so just remember how much you wanted out of the house and whether you are going to like changing adult cotton diapers and washing them because the disposable ones cost about 50.00 a box....more if they are for someone weighing over 120 pounds.

Now that I have you riveted attention, let me ask you a few questions no one wants you to ask. Do you know how the cost of living is figured? Do you know who figures the cost of living?

You really ought to know those answers before you put your faith in the cost of living. You see, there is no carved in stone way of figuring the cost of living. It is sort of like getting dressed in the morning. You yank something out of the closet say the cost of a mortgage payment and then decide what goes with it like bread and water which are cheap that week or you could grab oats and milk which are expensive. Now none of that is relevant to grandma because she rents an apartment and eats cereal bars for breakfast...Oops!

So, who really decides what is yanked out of the closet, you or the shirt closest to the door? Who really decides how the cost of living is figured? How easy is it to manipulate? The answer to both questions is simply manipulate who decides how it is figured, manipulate the figures of the cost of things and you control the cost of living. In other words, have someone control what clothes are in the closet and they control what you wear that day or in very real terms, whether you eat, have a roof over your head and can pay for your medication that year.

Now, let's return to the big chunk of change your kids just noticed is missing from their pay check. Social Security is NOT A TAX. Everyone wants you to believe it is a TAX because it is removed from your paycheck and you don't question what is done with TAXES. You really should, but Social Security is NOT A TAX. It IS a FUND, an account, that you pay into and at a certain age, withdraw those funds.

That big chunk of change isn't grabbed by some bureaucrat and carried over to a room somewhere, thrown in and the door slammed shut. At the very least, it should be in a bank account earning some interest. It should NOT be a pool for someone in government play (the important word here is PLAY) the Stock Market. That is what privatizing Social Security is; handing your money out of your paycheck to someone to play the Stock Market now not only has Congress decided someone is going to decide how much of the money you paid into Social Security is returned to you based on a figure they control but they have also given this entire fund to the friends to place bets on whether stocks will go up or down and you get....well, you can describe that in hardware terms: screwed.

So, yes there is a good chance we may get our asses blown up in Syria, enter into another holy/oil war that will cost us a fortune, but while we are deciding what survival items to buy, do we go with the plain silver duct tape or the pink hearts one, Congress is going to rob you blind if you don't stop them and all in the name of getting rid of that nasty Sequester they created so they can keep Syria from blowing you up. Convenient? You bet it is. Don't look at the budget because Russia and Saudi Arabia are fighting over which one will screw you at the pump and we have to bomb Syria!

A pickpocket works by bumping into you hard enough that you don't feel the hand in your pocket removing your wallet. It's a simple distraction, sort of like Syria.

Who benefits from a war with a little country that really provides us with nothing but a distraction? That would be the war machine or the 1%, who pay to elect your representatives who just happen to have heavy investments in companies that supply the war machine.....and as an added benefit, they get to steal your elderly relatives and friends money. Now that's a win/win if I ever saw one. Well, for's a lose/lose for you but maybe you will even get your grandparents to move in with you so you won't be lonely after you bury your kids. You do remember how to change a diaper, don't you?

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