Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Can We Live Forever?

Can we live forever?

That is a question that arises from my last post. Were we engineered to die early? Are the Annunaki, whose DNA we possess a good deal of, immortal and more importantly, if Sitchen translated the documents correctly, is there really machine that can reverse aging and even bring you back to life?

In my opinion, the answer to all those questions is yes. It is, once again, a case of look here, not there.

A year or two ago the announcement was made that scientists had found the cause of aging and death. It seems your DNA has a tail. The longer the tail, the longer you live. Every time the cell divides, the tail suffers damage and shortens. Immediately scientists lined up to stop that tail from shortening.

At the same time the far Right, the almost human Annunakiphiles, launched an all out assault on stem cell research even when scientists had succeeded in producing stem cells from other than fetuses. They are after “pro-life”, just not yours. Look over there, not here.

May I suggest that the easier solution to the aging problem is not to spend the next hundred years trying to fix the tail on our DNA, but to instead fix the mechanism, stem cells, that cease to function and regrow healthy cells. You see, a cell only multiplies correctly so many times and that, I believe is the code in the tail. After that, the cell needs to be discarded and a new one created to replace it. If your stem cells did not stop producing healthy cells, that would naturally happen but someone removed the link between them and regular cells that would have communicated the need to produce new healthy, young cells. Many reptiles are capable of regrowing not only tails but their arms and legs. We have reptile DNA.
If that link were artificially stimulated, you would replace your old cells with new ones and the result would be a reversal of aging if not of death. Of course, if you had mastered cloning, you would only need one cell to regrow a dead person...all of which is detailed in the translations by Sitchen.

So you see, it is no godlike powers that are needed, just simple science and we are too close to seeing that to be allowed to live.  

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