Friday, February 21, 2014

Where is Karma when you need her???

On tipping points, karma and inconsistencies.....

I have been sitting around wondering just what the Hades is wrong with the world. The Universe is always balancing. The Universe is about balance. So why does it seem things from the ground up are so very out of balance? Surely the Universe is not about Hate, though it seems it is at the moment.
This is complicated....
People in high positions are hurting very real people with full knowledge of the amount of pain they are inflicting including death. No one can be so stupid that they actually believe any god is going to forgive you for harming that many people no matter what you wash your hands in or what underwear you have on at the time. Can they??????
How do you get a huge number of people to follow you doing these things?
Why did 6 bankers, this month, die under suspicious circumstances that were ruled freak accidents or suicide?
Where is Karma when we need her?
What if, there is really a limited amount of energy both positive and negative?
What if you create such a huge amount of negative energy at the top that all the positive (karma) energy is required to balance it? That would leave the negative at the bottom free to do whatever it wanted with no retribution and plenty of rewards. Now if negative energy feeds on suffering and a huge numbers of little people are left free to prey on others making them suffer, you can create a loop of hate that feeds on itself having reached the tipping point.
There is just one bad thing about tipping points.
When they occur, they take EVERYONE with them and as the old saying goes...the higher you are, the farther you fall and the harder you hit.
Will any of this affect the people that are directing this?
Don't make me laugh.

They use others through innuendo and vague promises of money, power and immortality to do their work. Since their hands are never 'dirty', they never suffer the consequences. It's the ones who do their dirty work that suffer for their dirty work, from the bottom up.

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