Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An Introduction to Me.

I thought I would give you a little introduction to myself and others of similar beliefs you see on my page.
I am a Druid.
I am classified as a witch because I am capable of a variety of paranormal feats.
As a Druid, I neither embrace nor worship any God, god, Goddess or goddess or anything else. You may assume I am not subjugated to any supernatural being. I believe in a unifying principle or energy that exists in all matter throughout the universe. You could say Druids originated the Unified Field Theory.
This differs from Wicca and other pagan beliefs in that they embrace Gods and Goddesses as beings capable of independent thought and action. However, these beliefs do not subjugate the believers but rather place them in a relationship with a being they recognize as being more powerful than they currently are, perhaps more wiser and capable of being petitioned for a favor. Favors are always repaid.
I believe that these “beings” are energetic aggregates or 'thought forms' or archetypes that have been created through the centuries by people believing and hence putting energy into them. They behave in predictable manners and have predictable energetic capabilities that have been imbued in their structure through the centuries. They are like energy banks that deposits (belief and honor) are placed in and energies are withdrawn for specific actions. Or you could say they are like computer programs.
However the one thing all of us have in common is a ban on proselytizing. We do not seek members. We do not convert people. And we really do not ever allow anyone under 18 and in most cases 21 to join us unless their parents are members.
Ours is not a religion/philosophy that you can preform some ritual dunking, swear undying loyalty, accept any deity, get saved and join. You must study, in most Wiccan traditions for a year and day and in Druidic Traditions; years, before you gain admission. We have no use for blind followers. We have no ritual to save souls or take them. Your salvation is up to you and what occurs after death varies with tradition but you are guaranteed in all of them to reap what you have sown rather quickly. No one can help you and no deity is really interested.
In my tradition, you will be drawn to the energetic level of existence you have accumulated during your life and that can be a place you don't even want to visit. You will remain there until you master it and move to the next level or sink to the next level.
In most pagan traditions there are specific afterlives most mirroring the present world.
All traditions tend have a strong belief in reincarnation.
All traditions involve work and study. We also have to do the wash, cook, make enough to survive and take out the trash. Hence we aren't really interested in playing or debating with you. Your beliefs are your problem.
We also discipline our own and for the most part, we are tolerant of most things. Intolerance tends to be the one thing none of our traditions are comfortable with and we weed out people who are not open to new things and new ideas.

We have survived since the beginning of time and we will be there to see the transition to another world. We are not a new religion or belief system. We predate all others. We have one thing that allows us to survive. We adapt. We embrace new technology, science, cultures and ideas. We are constantly evolving and in that vein, we have no single Holy Book, set in stone laws except one. That which you do will be returned to you at least threefold, eventually. Our reward is in this world for we are part of everything in this Universe and it is part of us.

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