Saturday, March 21, 2015

Autism, the Crime Against Humanity

What I am about to suggest may severely impact my life expectancy. If it makes sense to you, share it. Otherwise, attribute it to the ramblings of a mad woman in the wee hours of the morning and forget you read it.

It is suggested that the herbicide now being used is actually causing the genetic defect called autism by causing the genes to be more susceptible to mutagens already present in the environment. What that means is the natural substances that your body and genes normally would simply repair the damage from, your body and genes can no longer make the repairs and they are actually more sensitive to them. It would be like giving a normal person hearing aides set on high. Eventually their hearing would be damaged. Without the hearing aids, their hearing would only suffer a normal aging process.

The most damning piece of information is the direct correlation between the widespread use of this herbicide and the explosion of autism. The herbicide makes you more sensitive to carcinogens, poisons and mutagens. Prior to the use of this herbicide, autism was virtually unknown.

Some have claimed we just have better diagnostic techniques, but if you ask anyone over 50, they are going to tell you they might have seen a single autistic individual prior to this time window. The diagnostic techniques may have improved but the number of autistic children born has exploded and by 2025 may reach one in two. That will create a population that is 50% or more autistic.

BUT what does that mean? What kind of society are we looking at?

Let's take a walk in the future. What exactly does autism do?

Autistic people are antisocial. They do not like to around other people, do not like to interact with other people and they do not form strong bonds with other people. You aren't going to find autistic people joining a union, political party or social organization. They are easily over stimulated and need a quiet environment so they aren't going to be attending the opera, concert, sporting event or movies. They tend to eat the same thing in the same way making it easy to tailor a single food choice and removing the need for a varied menu or fancy food. They are capable of complete focus on one thing and doing repetitive tasks for long periods of time without getting bored. They are capable of incredibly detailed work as long as they interact with no one else. Since they are antisocial, they do not even talk to their fellow workers. They also tend to work for work and not for reward. Doing the work is their reward. They have no interest in moving up a corporate ladder, having a title, or even a pay check as long as they have a place to sleep, eat and maintain their schedule of activity.

In other words, they are the perfect workers.

And that should scare the crap out of you.

Is an entire work force being genetically engineered for the menial labor needed in the future where only a few people with initiative, creativity and ambition are needed and a lot of drudge workers are needed?

And then you might ask who is doing this. You are not going to like the answer.

From the beginning of the Evangelic Christian movement, the leaders have been in bed with Corporate America. The movement was formed to prevent Unions from forming and to gut the WPA. Guess when autism began to show up in greater quantities? That would be the generation after that one when the good old herbicide was invented and it would begin to spike at an unnatural rate.

Now we have a new movement forming on top of the old one called the Dominionists. They believe that all money should be collected by a few people to be held by the representatives of the Church for Jesus. Isn't that the perfect system for handling a 50% autistic population.

Meanwhile in distraction land, the news points you everywhere but there.

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