Monday, March 23, 2015

Letting Go

I started my morning reading a very inspirational article on letting go right up until the point that the author tripped and fell into the god and ego abyss. You see, if the ego is part of your consciousness and innate makeup, then so must god be part of your consciousness and innate makeup and not something external to you. Once you know that, you realize the goal is to integrate the two that were one when you were born.
But on to today's lesson since no one really wants to read a long metaphysical essay on Monday. Knowing this, I also was aware that the psychic or sixth sense isn't a sixth sense, but your five senses working better that average. Hence, if you just crank up the senses you come into alignment with the ego and god which are all you. So many get to the part where you do this then suffer a massive fail as they separate god into some external being that controls things. You control things, one way or the other, mostly the other. This morning the other gave me a lesson in the one way.
Before the wonderful metaphysical article start to my morning, I was awakened by Napoleon screaming to go out. Now Napoleon seldom meows so when he wants out of the bedroom, he wants out: now, for some reason understood only by cats. I was in no shape to be wandering the house and apparently neither was one of the cats because I stepped in the most godawful mess you can imagine but at my age, you hop to the bathroom or face another mess.
I cleaned my shoe and foot, was dizzy as a spinning top and found my way back to the bed before I fell leaving the mess for when the universe decided to put the brakes on and return to normal visual levels. About fifteen minutes later I had my phone in hand reading the wonderful almost made it article and once again wondered why people don't see it is all them.
For example, I am typing on a laptop and focused on the screen and what I am writing, but my physical eyes actually see everything in the room within my visual range. I am seeing EVERYTHING. My brain filters most of it out to where only the screen is visible and then only what I am typing down to the single letter appearing on the screen not the pillow on my left. It only takes a moment to expand my focus and if I allow the focus to continue to expand, the part of me which is way smarter than little me, the ego, will be drawn to focus on the single thing I need to know about rather than the thing I think I need to know about which is the single letter appearing on the screen in front of my nose.
With that thought wandering around my brain, I decided I had to get the hallway cleaned up before George wandered out, blurry eyed and made a worse mess of things than I already had. So out I went and reached for the paper towels.
I buy those BJ's towels that divide into half sheets and George has jury-rigged the paper towel holder which was too small to handle the large newer rolls of towels because it is old and hence I was getting a half a sheet at a time which was pushing my temper to the limit when it began to roll and give me as much as I wanted. Okay, that was weird because it never does that. It loves to torture me.
Step two was grab the bottle of vinegar and water to clean up the mess. I squeezed the trigger and nothing happened. The trigger had been broken for ages and you have to slowly keep pulling it to get anything out with a emphasis on slowly, which requires patience and I had used that up with the paper towels. Off came the sprayer and I poured the vinegar and water onto the floor and cleaned things up.
Then I dumped the vinegar and water mix in the kitchen sink and threw the whole bottle and trigger out.
That was not the end of the lesson. A few minutes later I went to make coffee and the filter holder had once again been rinsed and not washed... GEORGE! So I got out the gallon bottle of vinegar and poured some into it with a liberal amount of water when the entire lesson came dancing across my brain using golf shoes.
How many things do we have in our lives that just don't work? There may be nothing completely wrong with them. In my case, the bottle of vinegar and water had nothing wrong with it, it was the trigger that was bad and needed to be replaced. If I had kept the bottle of vinegar and water and disposed of the trigger, I wouldn't have had to lift the heavy gallon jug of vinegar a few minutes later to pour it into the the coffee filter but I dumped it because I was afraid it would make the cats upchuck if they got near and smelled it.
WOW... what a lesson my Self decided to lay out in front of my nose!
We need to get rid of the parts of things that don't work (the trigger; that has a whole second meaning) and keep what does (the vinegar and water cleaning solution: there are two more meanings). And where I messed up was worrying about how the cats were going to react rather than getting the job done. Now we have even more meanings.
All I had to do was stop and think about what my attention was being drawn to and pay attention.
I, me and no one else or nothing else, was doing this. As with everyone, the question in my mind constantly is what do I need to do and I have been providing myself with the answer constantly and I simply didn't pay attention. Now you might say GOD made the cat sick all over the hallway and you would be really wrong.
You see, there are two kitty pans in the hallway and invariably every morning someone misses because I have old cats. They don't make it there in time. It really is normal. That is why there is a bottle of vinegar and water and a paper towel holder mounted in the hallway. It has been there for years.
I could have continued on my merry way, cussing at the paper towels and the sprayer while cleaning up the mess just like I have done for almost a year or I could ask myself why I haven't bothered to fix the situation. Today I decided to fix the situation and the answer to the original question became crystal clear.
The things that don't work aren't all bad but they don't work for you. George's blood pressure is perfectly normal using that trigger bottle; mine isn't. Let them go. Someone else can use them. Don't condemn the process or the situation or the person or the thing. It is doing the best it can and it has its uses somewhere else. It is just time for you to let it go.

And as to the mysterious cat things that demand Napoleon leave the bedroom that very instance, they proved to not be at all mysterious. Napoleon takes a sun bath in the living room window every afternoon. He sensed a huge front moving south across Palm Beach County (he can probably hear the thunder) which will cause us to get a rainy afternoon and block his sun bath so he decided to get it early while the sun was shining. He is in the window right making vitamin D. You see, cats know they are God.

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