Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is Occupy Over?

Some are saying the whole movement had dissolved into a pointless sit in that was just incoveniencing everyone.

Define everyone.

That's the problem with those sweeping statements. They have no basis in reality. I am a member of everyone and I have not been inconvenienced in the least.

Somehow, I think the writers missed the point. The point was general dissension. The point was dissatisfaction with every aspect of the current political, social and financial system. The point was, we are the 99% and we are sick of you, so you can sit in your foreign luxury car and burn your foreign oil you speculate on and make us pay through nose for even when riding "public" or it should be called punitive transportation. The point was we KNOW any business that can afford the rent around Wall Street is no small business no matter what closet they are operating out of or what mom and pop store they are pretending to be for the 1%.

However, my dear Tea Party Republican 1% worshipping friends, once up on a time I was in the very real business of creating revolutions and thus, I am laughing. I am rolling on the floor. I never managed to see one pulled off as quickly and efficiently as you just did and baby, I know people who were very, very good. The first rule is get enough people hurt by the militia to enrage the masses with pictures of blood and suffering. If you can get a local hero in the hospital, it is gold. You not only managed all of that in one swoop but moved the anger from being directed at the police directly to the politicians in charge of them. That normally takes a few weeks as they have good spin doctors. Congratulations. You beat every record I know. I bow to you.'re on the other side? My goodness, how very incompetent of you unless you intended to sacrifice all these 2%'ers all along. Can't have the nouveau riche and Riff Raff in the club, you know, old man. Smile and a wink.

Unfortunately, while everyone was sitting in tents and under tarps, you, the establishment and its lap dog, the press, forced these occupiers to organize and develop a web of communications, with very little technology often depending on nothing but the human next to them. They can simply move to occupy without tents in the same locations now moving and living in and from a central location. You have made them mobile. It's harder to hit or discredit a moving target. You created a whole new breed of videographer and of media stars and the spotlight is addictive. You even created leaders in such volume that they can independently take over all your little neighborhoods. Good Goddess, do you realise neighbors may even talk to each other...IN...NEW...YORK!!!

Jolly good job Old Man. Unfortunately for you, you are obsolete. The younger generation is 10 steps ahead of you. In technology, they are so far ahead of you, you are looking at your own ass. They are faster than us old foggies. They are used to multiplexing, processing huge amounts of information and seeing and anticipating trends. They learned that from the violent video games you made for them to keep them locked indoors and focused on a screen. The only generation you really managed to hypnotize with sex and violence was the one after mine and they happily bred themselves into poverty producing the generation that was sitting in those parks. Hey, no jobs, no can buy video games. I guess you actually have a few things to learn about eugenics.

Here's a freebie from someone whose family has been doing it for years. You can line breed for a magic number of generations and then you had better hybridize or you will get a whole host of traits you don't want. Don't believe me? Then why is autism a disease of the upper classes and very few of the lower class suffer with it? Why does it have a nice combo of obsessive compulsive behaviour and ego centrism, both traits you cultured to get the successful business executive that would work themselves into the grave for you while not caring who they killed on the way up the ladder?

When you tamper with the Goddess' design, she tends to get even. Seems it is time for those chickens to come home to roost and there is nothing you can do about it. You are a dying breed, in more than way.

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