Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weird Happening: The Watch part 2

The weirdness of the totally and instantly drained battery did not stop there I discovered two days later when I went to get the battery out and go buy a new one.

The watch straps are interchangeable, so they slide under the watch back through the metal loops you see on both sides on the watch..the white blotch is pointing to one loop and you can see the indentation on the watch band from being bent under the watch.

You know how hard it is to get the back of these watches off and they even make a special tool to do it. I do not have the tool. When I removed the watchband, the back of the watch FELL OFF! The band was the only thing that was holding it in place. The battery would not come out and I had to pry it out with a tiny screw driver made for repairing eye glasses.

I bought a new one and when I compared it to the old battery, it is just a bit smaller than the original but that could be because the original is a 377/376 and this one is a 377. BUT, it actually fits perfectly. When I went to put the back on, it wasn't playing. The back had expanded and I had to pry it back on with small pliers. It is as though the back and the battery have been exposed flash high heat and expanded minutely enough to pop the cover off and make the battery slightly larger, indicating the battery was the source of the heat.

The watch is working fine with its new battery so the electronics was not harmed. This is a Gossip Watch which isn't the most expensive watch in the pack.

Next time I listen to the Kevin Smith Show, the watch will be in another room. Those batteries are 5 bucks a piece!

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