Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Heart is Heavy

Dear Readers,

Last night, listening to a show on the Illuminati and 12/21/12, many things that I have felt for some time were confirmed. It's always nice to know other people are getting the same message and you're not tuned to the wrong cosmic radio channel even though all the evidence is around you, supporting you.

The old order is in its death throes and a dying animal is always most dangerous. I am seeing this every day in government and corporate officials that are just plain mean to people for no reason what-so-ever. All you have to do is exist any more and the local government is on your ass. If you live in a housing development with "condo commanders" it seems they are trying to cause as much suffering as possible. Every day someone says the same thing: "We are all in the same boat. Times are hard. Why are the persecuting me?"

This is an energetic event. The earth is entering a new energetic phase of peace, love and sharing. This is the energy that is bombarding the planet. If you are one of those people who have never been open to this energy or have never experienced any psychic energy, this is a very frightening experience. People are seeing things that they are certain cannot exist. The Matrix, that is this world, is unstable, and you don't have to be psychic to experience it.

I was driving down 441 the other day and suddenly there was a minute shift. Everything went a little blurry and all I could think was that at 45 mph it was not a good time for the matrix to dissolve to machine language as I like my trees to look like trees so I don't hit them. Fortunately it resolved itself in milliseconds. I can only imagine how frightening that is for someone who doesn't even know this is a Matrix and the world is not set in concrete. Suddenly, you see people and creatures that aren't there, hear things that don't exist and are assaulted with strange smells. Things brush against you and there is nothing there. These are all things psychics are used to, but others aren't.

These 1% can't feel secure without at least 2 million dollars in liquid assets. That number is from a poll and little pip squeaks like Kadafi threaten to do away not only with their assets but the actual dollar itself and replace it with a gold standard. No wonder he had to die.....

Unfortunately, they control the money and, as I have said since the begining of this mess, the entire banking crisis was nothing more than a land grab. We find ourselves, personally, fighting this same thing on a personal level because the county can take your property away from you, with no warning, for infractions. They can literally fine you huge amounts and never bother to notify you it is happening until the day the auctioneer arrives at your front door and starts actioning your property off to a select group of people on an email list that no one seems to know how to get onto. YES, perfectly legal and they have beem doing it for years. Usually they target people who are elederly and don't speak English. One man was being finded 500.00 a day for improvements his neighbor made on their house without a permit and his home was due to be auctioned off! Conveniently, he couldn't read English. Inconviniently, his daughter could read English and wanted to know what they thought they were doing. The State Attorney was sitting there and asked them (Broward Building and Zoning) to repeat this twice and then told everyone in the room to get a lawyer right then. Yes, folks, you are just facing these things but they have been going on for years.

No one has the money to buy these properties but they go on taking them and foreclosing on them and throwing people out. One house in my neighborhood has been empty for over a year. How is that benefiting anyone????

ATT raises my bill 25.00 a month after spending millions to elect Tea Party congressmen that, today, their Tea Party sent out a letter telling them to block all jobs bills and all attempts to tax corporations. How am I supposed to pay that bill without a job? Can anyone find any actual logic in what is happening? I didn't think so. How can we buy their products without money because we sure don't have credit??? Why are they electing people to make certain we don't get a job, except to inflict the maximum amount of pain on the people who can least afford it? There are those who thrive off the energy of suffering and they are bloated and happy tonight. Are you?

As I said, the death throes of a dying breed are when that animal is the most dangerous. Things are going to get very, very bad and it no longer matters who you vote for because the mechanism is already in place to destroy you. If they are going to die, they are taking as many of us with them as they can.

What can we do? They cannot deal with one thing and one thing alone, deliberate resistance. Not passive resistance but deliberate resistance. Pick me up and I just return and sit back down again, today, tomorrow and until I die. Look at this way, in jail you get free meals and medical care. Enough people in world simply have to tip the balance and refuse to move. Deliberately and with forethought, you have to refuse. We are the majority. We may not have the money, but we have the mass. We can bring the entire planet to a standstill and what do we have to lose? NOTHING, because not many have anything left and they are trying take what the rest have. Trust me. YOU ARE NEXT.

As Patrick Henry said, "If we don't hang together we will most certainly hang separately."

They have frightened us into compliance with every assinine plan they have come up with for years. Protest and you'll get a felony conviction and you won't even be able to work at Walmart. What if we are all felons? Who will work at Walmart then?

Let me tell you how you got here, home in foreclosure, no credit and wondering where you are going to sleep. It was simple.

I went into Home Depot to buy some paint for my building. The clerk asked me if I lived in Coral Springs. I asked why because I just don't answer strange questions. Well, I couldn't buy that brand of paint if I did. Once again I asked why. Well, they don't make their paint in the "APPROVED COLORS". Not painting my house the approved color would instantly ruin the resale value of the whole town. How's that resale value working out for you? Then I noticed the approved color brand was 5.00 a gallon more and thought, "I guess someone in government got a good kickback." Every time this happened, you bought the "it's for your own good" line, handed over your credit card and were good little citizens. Your tree dies through no fault of your own and you have to spend almost a thousand dollars to replace it because you HAVE TO HAVE 3 TREES of X size and oh, put it on my credit card. Only a lawn service every week can get your lawn to look the way your neighbors demand, put it on the old credit card. Hate signs. Hey, it's not your problem if the business goes out of business because they can't attract customers except that they employ 10 people who now can't buy the products your company makes that pays your salary but hey, put it on the old credit card. WHAT do you mean 28% interest? No problem, you'll pay it down next week but in the mean time, I need a huge shrub because I have to have 5 in my yard or face a 500.00 a day fine, so put it on the credit card. How's that working out you? Lost my job because the business I put out of business with my sign ordinance's 10 employees couldn't buy the products my company was paying me to make...not to worry....there are plenty more jobs. What do you mean 2 million people showed up at McD's for 800,000 jobs??? Just put it on my...what do you mean....declined? Why are you cutting up my credit card?

They nickle and dimed you into the poor house except there are no poor houses so you are looking at the underside of a bridge as prime real estate. You don't have a credit card any more. You are discovering without an address, you probably aren't going to be voting not that it really mattered anyway. Those cold wet nights are taking a toll on the baby's health and insurance is a pipe dream and the Tea Party and the Republicans are chanting, "Let 'em die but make sure they get born so they can die in poverty."

You can't move in with Mom and Dad because they bought a Condo and children and guests are against the bylaws and anyway, if they don't come up with a few grand to plant new landscaping, they are going to be out on the street because the condo association can now repossess their dinky little apartment over assestments which pay their undisclosed salaries and their cousin's landscaping firm. It's too bad that no matter how much landscaping they throw his way, he is still losing his house because the other 100 customers are in foreclosure and not mowing their lawns but hey, there's no connection there.

And tonight I am tring to help someone find a home for her beloved cats and birds because the bank made a mistake and her lawyer put it simply, "Who do you think is going to take the fall for the bank's mistake, you or them?" They are never going to take the blame, the fall or the responsibility. You are the one who is taking the fall. They are not going to jail, or miss a meal, or be cold tonight. You are.

And that my friends is why my heart is heavy. BUT, I am not moving. I am not going way. My whole goal in life is to be the thorn in their ass. It always has been and always will be.

I have no fear of what is coming. Do you?

Blessed Be!

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