Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Morgellons Disease

I bet, like me, the last you heard this disease was the venue of nutty UFO abductees.

Well, you had better keep reading, particularly if you subscribe to the apple a day theory of medicine.

It was discovered in 2001 and its sufferers were immediately classified as nut cases. The symptoms are pretty nasty. You feel like you are being bitten or stung by insects, things are crawling under your skin, arthritis sets in, memory loss, vision problems, itching and finally, fibers begin to emerge from your skin that are MULTICOLORED! It often occurs after you contract Lyme disease.

When these fibers were analysed from samples taken world wide, they were found to be the same thing and primarily, or at least mostly, cellulose.

Hence, it has moved from the realm of you are crazy to you really have something and even though the CDC has been studying it since 2007, they don't seem to have a clue.

Well, let me give you some clues.

Lyme disease actually alters your genetic structure. Yes, you read that right. It attaches to your lovely and precious DNA where it begins to create its own network through out your body and the symptoms are not pleasant. That is why it is not curable. It literally becomes part of you. Lyme disease has been found in so called cave men! It is carried mainly by deer ticks, deer being a big prey animal for early man. Hunt deer and you most certainly get ticks. Get ticks and you get Lyme disease and your very DNA altered. What a nice and predictable carrier for genetic modification.

It gets worse as it usually does.

Although there is a contingency that thinks these fibers are some form of nanotechnology, the probability is that it really is a genetically engineered material being produced by a genetically engineered creature. That creature from all deductions is Agrobacterium.

Are you getting suspicious yet?

This little critter is real handy folks. It has the ability to transfer DNA between itself and plants and is used extensively in genetically engineering plants. Now, supposedly the little critter is safe in the lab and we have nothing to worry about. It stops working once it does the initial transfer.

Unfortunately, the prime directive of any species is to survive and they just don't, unlike humans, like dead end jobs.

Thus, I wonder about this little critter whose job was to toughen up tomato skins by transferring fish scales' genes to tomatoes. Or how about transferring pig, the animal most physically like us in all ways, genes to apple skins to toughen them up for shipment. Did it survive to make another transfer and that is why the fibers are being created? Are they toughening up our skin?

Does it affect Lyme disease sufferers most because their DNA is already breached making it easier to attack? Was Lyme disease the original genetic modifier of primitive humans? I guarantee, we will never know. There is way too much money involved in genetically modifying plants and patents on them.

However, if you want more information you can go to this link:

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