Monday, February 20, 2012

A Clarification on Druidism

Apparently, some who share my blog have a very uneducated following.

So, let me educate them.

In every religion, there are sects, some more extreme than the others. Some think their Holy Books should be taken literally, line by line, word by word. Others think they are open to interpretation and need to change with the times.

Those who believe those books should be taken literally, word for word are referred to as Orthodox or Fundamentalist.

Those who feel they are open to interpretation are called Reformed or given a Sect name within the religion like Methodist, Presbyterian, etc. Even within sects, some are referred to as Reformed (meaning: formed again) and indicates by and large their interpretations are more liberal (meaning less  literal) or more Conservative (meaning more literal).

In Christianity, the Mother Church and faith is Catholicism. From it all other sects were created even some like the Puritans and Fundamentalists and Muslims.

Catholicism as the Mother Church was descended from Judaism which is a RELIGION not a RACE. Catholicism took the Old Testament but not the books like the Torah which are guides for every day living and dietary rules and added the New Testament and Jesus and created their religion.

A group of people from the Russia converted to Judaism and because known as Jews and labeled themselves a RACE.

However, genetically, there are only THREE RACES of man: Caucasian, Oriental and Negroid. Those are scientific classifications based on GENETIC EXPRESSION. We are all human or at least most of us are. The jury is still out on whether the Aborigines of Australia are a separate race or a mixture of one of the three.

Judaism is a religion with many sects ranging from Reformed (taking a less strict view of the religious, dietary and behavioral rules set forth) to Orthodox that requires strict adherence to every punctuation mark in those laws.

Zionism is a POLITICAL movement that originated a couple of years before the formation of Israel as a separate country from Palestine.

To say everyone who follows the RELIGION of Judaism is a Zionist is like saying all Republicans belong to the Westboro Baptist Church or all Republicans are Fundamentalist Christians and all Liberals are Presbyterians.

To say all people who follow the religion of Judaism are Jews is also folly because it is a Matriarchal Lineage and if the father is Jewish and the mother is not, the child is not a Jew. However, there are only three RACES. Jewish is none of them. There is no Jewish gene. By saying someone is Jewish, you are saying they trace their family genealogy back through their mother to a specific male head of a tribe mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. It is a genealogical classification not a RACIAL one.

Zionism is NEITHER a genealogical, racial or religious classification. Zionism is a POLITICAL PARTY. At the moment, like either the Republicans or Democrats, they are in the majority in power in Israel.

This is why you cannot brand someone who is anti-Zionist as being anti-Semitic. Semitic is a designation for the people who consider themselves Jewish but not necessarily Zionist. If you did, a huge number of Rabbis who disagree with the Zionist agenda would be anti-Semitic. See Rabbis for Human Rights.

The odd thing is that any Israeli could explain that to you in a split second. It only seems to be Americans and the English who have a problem understanding it which brings one to question if it is a matter of being uneducated or deliberate misdirection on the part of a few people with a POLITICAL AGENDA.

Now, the Muslim religion feels neither Judaism or Christianity is following the proper behavior that was intended by God, so Mohammed via visions created a separate set of laws for diet, dress and behavior and also included various supernatural entities not recognized by either faith.

Now as to the racist allegations about me. Great, great, great grandmother Cohen would be most displeased with you. I know more about racism than you ever will. I lived it. My father was half Irish and my mother is 1/8 Native American which still prohibits you from buying a beer in some states and used to put you in the line at the "coloured" water fountain and bathroom. They were cleaner, by-the-way. You also got to eat last at lunch at school, outside in the snow. I spent an hour in the principal's office in first grade for buying a Mexican boy a candy bar in a "white" drug store until my half Irish father threatened to beat him to a pulp because after all, all Irishmen are violent drunks. Some times racism works for you.

You really should have learned to not judge a book by its cover.

You can be of Jewish genealogy, Arabic, Oriental, Caucasian, or Negroid and be a Druid. You cannot be a card carrying member of the Judaic, Muslim or Christian FAITH and be a Druid because they demand you recognize only ONE male very real person of a God above all and it has to be theirs. You are either of their RELIGION or NOT. You can't have two membership cards. Those are THEIR RULES. They have nothing to do with your RACE, GENEALOGY or POLITICS. It is THEIR RELIGION.

Do you need further clarification?

Now for some final clarification about there being no written documents about Druidism. Until a few years ago, there were very few except for a couple of Roman notations. However, in the last few years, with the advent of the Internet, E-Books and small publishers popping up like mushrooms, books and maps that have been gathering dust in private libraries are making it into the hands of the public as they are public domain and the hoarders need money. Some times a bad economy works in your favor, too. Thus the translation of many old texts from the Phoenicians, Scandinavians and even the Anglo-Saxons are surfacing and they provide a view of the Druids not seen before. The ability to translate these texts has also increased with the use of computers and thousands of documents previously gathering dust are being brought into print. Back in my day, when you found Sumerian carved into a stone at Stonehenge, good luck finding a translator or even someone who recognized what language it was. Now all you need is a minute on Google and you can have the translation and an identification of the language. Technology is a wonderful thing. Druids embrace technology.

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