Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Interesting Picture

This is not a picture depicting the Virgin Mary.
It is a picture depicting the Virgin Isis and the "son of god" Horus from the Brotherhood of the Snake. Look at it very carefully.

Around her head is the Zodiac (star) energies that create the orderly progression of life and enlightenment. She is shielded from these energies by the veil that covers her head. She holds Horus or the SUN which is our solar system sun that controls the magnetic energetic lines of life force within this system and coincidentally may control the length of our lives.

Keep going down to her "foot" that is trapping the crescent moon representing our emotional bodies. Take a really good look at the foot. It is really a hand. See how the big toe is more a thumb than a toe. There is no difference between the 'hands' and 'feet' of a reptile, they all four have opposing 'thumbs',

Notice how she is standing on the earth which is held captive by a serpent.

She blocks the Universal energies while holding a son "sun" that cannot be hers because a female virgin can only produce female offspring (no Y chromosome) while trapping the Moon (our hearts) under a foot that is really a hand standing on an earth trapped by a venomous reptile which is also the symbol for male sexuality, morals and sin.

A picture really is worth a thousand words.....and you will find a thousand of them just like this one that are the Virgin Mary and Jesus.....makes you wonder who really is who.

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