Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh, He Doesn't Really Mean That....

Women are fantastic creatures. Not only are they capable of withstanding the pain of childbirth which is scientifically measured as greater than the pain of getting a limb cut off without anesthesia, but they are capable of justifying just about everything by seeing the "good" in men and other women. Otherwise, they would eat their young and castrate all males at birth.

And thus the statement, "He really doesn't mean that..." has come into being.

I am here today to tell you that Yes, he really does mean that.

We are living in an age of extremism. People climb on board the one issue train figuring they can live with it all if they get their way this one time and a window seat. Mention abortion and people will form two lines, pro and nay with no one in the middle. The same applies to contraception. Family values are touted by a candidate on his third wife. He divorced the other two when they got sick. A known racist and eugenicist ( you really need to look that word up and learn what it means) is proclaiming he is for freedom. They are at each other's throats. It's too made they are all the same person in different bodies.

You see, they may belong to radically different Christian sects but they all have one thing in common. They believe in the legislation and implementation of the literal reading (note I did not say translation) of the Bible and the Bible is the most anti-female tract ever written.

You don't believe me.

The ruling that a woman actually had  a SOUL did not come in Christianity until 1545 and then it only won by 3 votes. That was only 467 years ago! Before that, women were considered nothing more than animals. Over half the Christians were considered to be without souls and were never getting one. Heaven was a boys' club.

A couple of days ago one of these Christians said, and yes, no matter how you protest, they are Christian, and they do believe wholeheartedly in the Bible as it is sitting in their hot little hands, that teachers do not deserve to be paid and added: it's in the Bible.

There was a lot of eye rolling and snickering, but guess what my little friends, it is in the Bible. You see, the majority of teachers are women. And the line from St. Paul says, "But I suffer not a woman to teach, not to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence." Man is defined as male regardless of his age. So, Public School teachers, overwhelmingly female do not deserve to (a) teach - their job is to baby sit your children and according the Rightwing darling Rep. West of Florida, only the females because the males should be in the military as soon as they can walk or (b) get paid for it. However, as the majority of University Professors are male, they deserve to be paid.

Oh, but he doesn't mean that. OH, YES HE DOES. Women, men are not abstract creatures. They mean exactly what they say, literally. These men believe to their bone marrow in the literal reading of the Bible.

And what other little snippets of religious wisdom are they spouting from our good friend St. Paul?  Pay close attention my fellow ladies as when they say they are pro life, pro family and pro family values, you really ought to know what those values are.

"Wives submit to your husbands for the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the Church. Now if the Church submits to Christ so should wives submit to their husbands in everything."

Anyone pro slavery because that is exactly what that says. Note the word: everything. There is no leeway in that word. It encompasses EVERYTHING. You see, ladies, "no woman could enter Heaven except those 'submissive to control', who had considered their husbands lords." Only a married or widowed woman may enter Heaven. A female child of unmarried age cannot enter Heaven. That is in the Bible they are banging.

And just in case the Hindus in the audience are snickering, you should know that one sentence is taken almost verbatim and placed in the Christian Bible from YOUR Brahmanism, centuries older.

Extremists of any cloth are dangerous to everyone.

Let us take a look at a debate that has been flinging the brown sticky smelly stuff in the Sun Sentinel and the political arena for months. It goes like this: President Obama is no friend to Israel. Considering last year he gave 1.3 trillion dollars in aid to Israel, I'd like to have a non-friend like that.

Where on earth can that come from you ask. It is actually very simple. There are extremists in the Jewish state of Israel that unfortunately for the those of the Judaic Religion are running things. They are called Orthodox and Zionist. If one word is uttered against their agenda, you are Anti-Semitic. But what exactly do these men consider Semitic and what is their agenda.

Let's take a good look at a few statements from the Torah and Talmud, which few of the actual faith have ever read just like few Christians have ever read the Bible. And if they did read it, oh, he really doesn't mean that..... These men, have read it line for line and they intend to enforce all those documents, Torah, Talmud and Bible, line by line, without exception.

"Just as the Jews are humans, the non-Jews are no humans, but cattle." Kerithuth 6b, page 78, Jebhammoth 61. - Gee, sounds like the same lines the Christians used for women.

"The non-Jews have been created to serve the Jews as slaves." Midrasch Talpioth 225. I always love justifications of human slavery..

Kethuboth 3b. Ah, I think I know where St. Augustine got his views on sex:
"Husbands love your wives, but love them chastely. Insist on the work of the flesh only in such measure as is necessary for the procreation of children. Since you cannot beget children in any other way, you must descend to it against your will, for it is the punishment of Adam." Not only was he misogynist but I'm betting gay, too.

"The non-Jews have to be avoided even more than sick pigs." Orach chalim 57, 6a. Sounds like the Muslim line for menstruating women.

"The birth rate of non-Jews has to be suppressed massively." Zohar 11, 4b....This line sure sounds a lot like the tripe being pushed by the Bilderberg group and various Christian rightwing think tanks that the earth's population must be reduced by 3/4's if the other quarter is to survive.

"As you replace lost cows and donkeys, so shall your replace non-Jews." Lore Dea 377,1. Gee, Newt, that sort of applies to your feelings about wives...

Today's Orthodox Rabbis in the extreme end teach it is a religious offense to save the life of a Gentile, unless not doing so might cause unpleasant consequences for the Jew. Keep in mind Muslims are considered Gentiles. Charging interest on loans to fellow Jews is banned but you can charge a Gentile as much as you want. Gee, what countries are in debt up to their eyeballs and who owns the banks? When they pass a Gentile building, they must ask God to destroy you have any more questions as to why there is a Palestinian "problem"? They are considered Gentiles, animals, property....A Jew must not even touch a bottle of wine if a Gentile has touched it after it was opened so there goes your wine tasting parties fellows...

Does anyone actually believe this load of manure? Yes, they do because let me give you a quote from the Jewish writer Agnon, a Zionist, after winning the Nobel Prize for Literature: "I am not forgetting that it is forbidden to praise Gentiles, but here there is a special reason for doing so - that is, they awarded the prize to a Jew." This was on Israeli radio. Do you really think there wasn't an audience for those views?

Now do you understand why President Obama cannot be a friend to Israel no matter how much money he gives them, how many weapons or how many concessions? He is a Gentile and their leaders are Zionists and some of you are trying to put their Christian equivalent into power, and have in Congress, in this country. That is why the agenda is not to be 'thy brother's keeper' or "to do unto other as thou wouldst have them do unto thee," but to stop, defeat and destroy the other side. The other side is defined as "Not Us".

It's too bad they missed one book of the Bible but then again, Nicene Counsel that finally decided women, by a really small margin, have souls, made certain that book didn't make it into the Bible. It was too controversial or accurate. Or perhaps it was because of one paragraph in it:

Those born of Nefilin blood (fallen angels or sons of god) are, because of their ancestral spirit, destined to 'afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle and work destruction on the earth'. The Book of Enoch.

Is that not what they are doing, be they Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew or any of the myriad of belief systems?

They think they are right. The question you have to ask yourself is not whether they are right or wrong, but simply: Is this me? If it is, by all means, whatever your nationality and religion, get the behind them. If it isn't reject them at the ballot box, reject them in your heart and your mind. Refuse to stand with them no matter what the promise because as you should be able to figure out, in the end they will destroy you. It is their Manifest Destiny to destroy. They create nothing.  It is their ancestral spirit and right.

My thanks to David Icke for his tireless research into the origin of religion and reading all the religious documents that I would probably have thrown against a wall, shredded and burned before I could finish them. They tend to peg my crap-o-meter in a just a few pages.


George King said...
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Lady Light Shadow said...


I have to say, I truly adore your gift for sarcasm, as well as your general writing skills. Being a woman myself, I can really identify with some of your sentiments about women in your opening paragraph lol

However, there ARE some middle of the roaders, myself included, when it comes to the issues you mention in your 4th paragraph, though I must admit I can't stand the politician you were referring to ;)

I found it quite informative when you brought up the issues related to the Council of Nicaea...wasn't consciously aware of those facts (Don't you just love how past life recall is so spotty and hole-filled when it comes to memories of those past lives?).

I really need to get an interlinear copy of the Book of Enoch, for those of Nephilim blood (please note spelling lol) are only destructive if their lineage is demonic...which is not true of all of those who are...and in many cases, I've found even those of demonic lineage to not be destructive, even those who are fully awakened to their lineage and past memories that come either due to past lives or memories due to their blood lines. However, here's a bit of trivia you may or may not be aware of (just don't ask for proof positive please) is that all the leaders of all countries, past and present, and all those of royal lineage have the Nephilim bloodline. Interesting, isn't it? The question to ask would be: whose bloodlines are of angelic origin and whose are of demonic origin that have been, are or will be in leadership positions? Not to mention, whose bloodlines share both angelic and demonic? After all, these are all recessive genes.