Friday, December 27, 2013

Killing You Softly with Fear

Hubert wrote in Dune, “Fear is the mind killer”.

He was almost right.

Fear is the killer of the Universe.

Once someone convinces you to fear something, you have to eliminate it or suffer endlessly from fear of it. You will never have any peace of mind as long as what you fear exists.
You must hate what you fear because hate gives power and energy and more than that, hate gives freedom from consequences. What you hate makes you fear for your life, so you now have license to kill it. As long as you hate/fear something, you can do anything to it to escape.
Fear is what will kill the Universe and everything in it.
But what if you had no fear? Impossible, you say. You have to have fear. Things would kill you, maim you and take everything you work for away from you!
Let's look at the cat and mouse. The common house cat is the most efficient predator ever to evolve. Yes, it beats its larger cousins by a mile. Mice on the other hand are also deadly through disease and famine. Mice will eat anything and in huge quantities. When I used mice in behavior experiments I was shocked at how much they ate and how high my feed bill was. A female mouse can produce up to 35 babies every 21 days. I have seen domestic mice so pregnant, they could barely waddle. Cats love a nice mouse snack. Is the mouse afraid of the cat? NO! I know you are shocked, but the mouse knows the cat will eat it and it doesn't live in fear of the cat. Mice live happy little lives eating everything they want and can find, breeding and raising their little families never giving the cat one thought unless they get outside and the cat shadow appears. Now, the mouse is not afraid of the cat, it is fearful of all shadows because it knows something may kill it. It might be a cat or a huge rock bouncing down the path. Smart mice avoid open areas, but mice don't hate cats or fear them. Cats really don't occupy a neuron in their tiny little minds and if the cat is well fed they even make friends with them.
Did you notice how fear in the mouse only occurs when an actual threat is barreling down upon their little furry bodies. Fear doesn't exist as a condition in the real world. It only exists in the make believe world of power hungry people.
So, what do you fear?
Poverty? Make money, Trade goods and services. Work to reform the economic system that demands poverty as a condition for a few to have power and things.
Illness? Eat right. Treat your body as the marvelous machine it is. Make certain everyone has health care as it is some invisible bug you catch from someone else that is more likely to do you in than a bus hitting you. It is in your best interests to keep everyone around you healthy.
Death? Well, that normally happens due to ill health and the poverty that creates it and a normal wearing out of your body after a hundred or more years. Fear will make it happen in way less time as fear is the ultimate predator, weakening every system in the body.
Accident? Watch where you are going. Pay attention to your surroundings. Mice do not walk over to cats and pry their mouths open and incidentally, they don't have cell phones.

War? Well, war is caused by convincing people they need to fear another people because they are going to.....okay be ready for stupid....change their way of though their way of life is so wonderful in the first place. Personally, I hope Iceland invades us and wins, but there is no chance of that as Iceland doesn't want a single thing we have, except maybe Florida and they haven't been here in the summer.

So, what are you afraid of....communism and socialism. Those are economic systems. They can't pick up a gun and shoot you. They are ideas. The only thing that needs to fear an idea is another idea that thinks the first idea might be better. All you need to do with an idea is reject it not kill the person talking about it. Just say no. Walk away. You don't even have to disagree. If enough people walk away and stop listening, the idea dies. Pay close attention to the stops listening part of that sentence.

Why would you listen to something that isn't going to make your life better and happier or help you in any way. Why would you be listening in the first place if your life was happy and great? Is that possibly why someone wants to make sure you never hear these other ideas?

Can you imagine how boring the world would be if every house was painted white, had 2 trees in the front yard with 7 shrubs, a specific type of vehicle in the driveway, you wore the same clothes and shoes as your neighbors, wore your hair in one of 7 approved styles, ate specific a style food like pizza, burgers and prepared dinners, went to work 5 days a week for Corporations, went to school to learn the skills to work for these Corporations for 12 years, listened to the music, looked at the art and watched the TV shows that were approved of by these Corporations and worship at the Churches approved by the Corporations while you elected the people to run your lives via the government that were approved to run for office by these Corporations. Corporations are people. Corporations are so much more than people, they have the ultimate power of life, quality of life and even death. Corporations are God.

Yes, most of you already live in that world and you very much want to kill anyone that doesn't.

“A slave hates any vestige of freedom.” Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Hummmm.....William: willing to....Shakespeare....shakes a do know no one really knows who he or she was but I think the taken name makes a suggestion. He was willing to shake a threatening spear of ideas at the established church/government that insisted on total control of the lives and thoughts of its people as long as he was anonymous.
You probably don't know this, but in the book removed from the Bible, Jesus' life was chronicled beyond the couple of years you know about. He studied and traveled far and wide as a member of the Essene privileged class. He had to escape India and the caste conscious Brahmin who had taught and supported him for suggesting there was nothing wrong with associating with the darker skinned lower poor and nothing wrong with teaching them religion. He left the Buddhists to return home for his Bar Mitzvah. Yes, he was Jew. He didn't fear new ideas. The Essene didn't fear the Hindus. The Hindus didn't fear the Buddhists. They all feared anything that might change their life style because only the leaders had a lovely little life style with lot's of poor, uneducated people to support them.
So you might assume correctly that powerful people require a lot of poor, stupid people to support their life style and it really is life style because there is no difference between them and the people killing themselves to maintain THEIR lifestyle. They are all one race: human.
However, the seething masses of poor eventually decide to take things from their richer cousins and their richer cousins have learned that through a couple of nasty little revolutions. As long as they, the richer cousins, were able to control the people through religion and make them think they had some control through an elected government, life was good.
Then one day someone invented the internet, smart phones and satellites.
Ooooops. Now people met people, one on one, across the entire world and started asking why they should kill their Muslim Farm game playing buddies when they have nice pictures of their families and homes that looked pretty much like the nice pictures of their families and homes they were posting half a world away. Oooops.
What those pictures didn't look like was Dubai's massive entertainment complexes for the rich and famous, a pizza giant's castle home, the gold and crystal churches of a religious empire, the palaces of kings and queens or even the mini castles university heads lived within because they needed to impress to get money. Impress what upon whom you may well ask. That would be the corporate heads who dole out money to higher education so they will teach the slaves useful skills to make the corporations money or entertain them with sports games. Do you ever see a corporation giving money to poetry? Heck no. Shakespeare taught them the folly of that when his plays and poems almost overturned their world world of wealth and privilege.
So, the rulers of your minds and bodies aren't a God. They are people who now use a corporation (they are people now, you know) to hide behind in order to spread the fear of ideas to you. Now, you can kill the corporations and the people just make a new one to hide behind. They actually have so many they are hiding behind, they have to consult their lawyers to find out if a specific little fear mongering corporation is theirs. They regularly kill off and start wars with their own corporations and countries. There are no countries...there are corporations.
And you see, fear is the universal killer of love, friendship and even life but first it has to kill your mind and through MEMES, and it is doing a smashingly good job of it.
So, what idea do you fear today? Is it the brown one? The black one? The gay one? The Muslim one? The peacock one? The crystal one? The meat one? The flying spaghetti one? The Baptist one? The Catholic one? The Buddhist one? The other sports team one? The I-Phone one? The Android operating system one? The vegetarian one? The government one? The gun takers one?
I saw a bumper sticker this week that read: “I VOTE NRA”
Gee, did you know the NRA was running for an office?
It is, you know. It's a corporation. It's a non-profit corporation so it pays no taxes. Isn't that lovely? It joins it friends (well, they are people that can have friends) the churches, the sports teams and the think tanks that write your laws.
How very convenient!

Who do you fear today?

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