Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Years' Special on Tarot Readings

New Years Special Readings

It's the time of year I offer my New Years Special which is good through January 6th, 2014.

What's so special?

For one thing, the price. My special readings are offered through E-Mail only and that takes a lot more time than in-person readings. You get a picture of the cards of YOUR layout. Lastly, you get my specially designed layout to give you the information you need to change your life if you don't like what is coming up.

READING 1: is a one month only reading, newly designed to give you some extra information like who may or what may be working against you and who or what is working with you including what appears to be the desired outcome. That will tell you if you are your worst enemy in the monthly scenario. The price is $35.00.

READING 2: is the general year long reading for 2014. I use an astrological house spread to tell what is affecting which area of your life because the Zodiac House Chart is the most comprehensive schematic of life I have found. This reading portrays the energies affecting your life areas all year and should be taken as a blue print. Good energies should be enhanced and those you really don't like should be muted. The price is $50.00.

In addition to the readings, for $7.77 more, I will analyze the reading spread and tell you what items to put on your altar to enhance the positive qualities or defuse the really negative qualities, showing up in the reading. You have to make your own altar. I am just telling you the additional items that may help you out.

Payments have to be made via paypal for quick turnaround to and your email address included in the comments. I really do need to know where to send your email reading and your date of birth or just astrological sign lets me know when YOU show up in the reading.

Both readings will be available at the shop, for $50.00 and $75.00 respectively because in person you get to ask questions.

Also coming next year will be Design an Altar readings, so you can set up your personal altar(s). You will learn things like which metals to use on your personal altar, what colors should dominate and what items should be there to make it most effective. This will take at least an hour and you will need your date of birth, place and preferably the time for an astrological (Western and Eastern) chart. It does NOT include the items. Those you have to find on your own but I tell your what items to use. We will work on the proper placement of the altar if you have your whole house or room to use, using Feng Shui. The cost will be $100.00. I am working on a way to do this via email as I have a lot of requests, but it requires a lot of back and forth between us. So stay tuned on that one.

P.S. I just realized I can print out your reading and send it snail mail but that will be and extra 2.75 postage...this might be a lot of paper and ink....For that I will need an address....Priority mail is an extra 5.75 instead of 2.75 and recommended.

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