Friday, December 27, 2013

What do you love???

Beware the Gate 
Please forgive any typos. My vision is blurry and I am touch typing and not able to read what is on the screen very well after yesterday's accident.
Over the past year, you have told me what you hate. You hate the poor who buy candy bars with SNAP and take all your tax money from the Pentagon. You hate anyone who wants to regulate anything: guns, corporations (excluding banks) and businesses. You hate big government. You hate socialists and communists but fascists may be okay. You hate Muslims and anyone who isn't a Christian just like you. You hate gays and anyone who believes differently from you. You hate people who say the climate is changing. You hate anyone who isn't white. You hate the poor and the elderly because they are taking all your tax money and the Pentagon needs it. You do not want anyone to have health care unless they have the cash to pay for it. You hate the elderly because they hang onto their jobs too long and your kids can't get promotions because of them. You hate the handicapped because they need frivolous things you can't use like wheel chair ramps, handicapped toilets (unless you have a dozen kids to pack into the stall with you), bandages, medicines and can't pay for them. You hate smart people because they are always saying things you don't understand but you love the CEO's of companies because they put those smart people in their place. You hate weak, compassionate people who feed the poor, care for the ill and clean the streets. You hate liberals, commies, unions and socialists. You hate.......
Now tell me what you love. God? Country? The NRA and NASCAR? Your Gun? Your independence? Freedom?
Can any of them hold you at night when the pain from an accident like I suffered yesterday is too much to stand? Can any of them comfort you at night when pain from your soul is too much and the tears soak your pillow? How does it feel to survive, ALONE?
In high school we all learned a poem by Edgar Allen Poe: The Raven. It appealed to the angst of our teenage years and had a catchy rhythm. It is actually musical. Everyone thinks it is a love poem to a lost love but it has a deeper meaning my friends, and one you might consider. Some of you read Alice in Wonderland. Both feature the same creature, the Raven who is the jabberwocky, and both quote one word, “nevermore”.
The Raven is a symbol of the Morrigan, the goddess of death, war, poetry but not strife. She is a Muse and one of the Hags of Fate that weave your destiny through the threads the life beginning the moment you are born. When she said nevermore, what she really means is the Poet is doomed to roam the earth without inspiration, love and soul comfort for eternity, though he shall enjoy the comfort of a warm home, food and the vanities of life. Oddly, the Raven perches on a bust of Pallas, also know as Pallas Athena, in her final form. She is the virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature. None of these poet shall ever enjoy now that love has left his life.
So tell me what are you grateful for this holiday season? Is it a list of things produced by artificial people (corporations) laid on the altar of commercial success by the very people you hate?
What do you really love?
Can it actually love you back?
Just asking......

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