Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Art Happens

Today I was making and refining some wall charms to hang on the wall behind my bed. I had a bunch of odds and ends at the shop that somehow never managed to find their intended place in sale merchandise and they came home a couple of days ago in my effort to unclutter. I knew as well as I know my name, that if I didn't do something with them quickly, they would become bedroom clutter and the cat dropped a book upon the bed. It was about making charms, amulets and so forth so I took it as a sign, that and the simple fact that one thing that crawled home with me was a large ceramic Celtic clover and it needed to be hung up. I was not willing to sacrifice it to the raccoon hoodlums as it is breakable.
On the other hand it was really green and even with the Celtic knots, it just wasn't me so now it sports a purple (bright purple) ribbon with a silver key and a pyramid and sphinx in fake turquoise that belonged to a friend...mounted on a ring. Given enough ribbon, anything can work. So may the key to knowledge bring me good luck.
On the other hand I had an ornamental mirror which by itself was quite pretty with its silver bow but it had a second hole in the bottom that was taunting me. It got a skull bracelet hung over the top and a pink and green ribbon off the little organic cookies I buy at
Bedners, plus a strange moon and a broken sun pendant someone gave me. People are always giving me broken jewelry or single earrings and whatnot. They eventually wind up in something. I carefully photographed then and put them up on Facebook when I noticed to my dismay the torn wallpaper.
The new cats seem to feel that wallpaper is a giant form of scratching post that provides small toys to be carried around in their mouth and batted for hours at a time. I could have a fit but the truth is the wall paper never really adhered to the wall and started peeling from the top down within days. I got really tired of grabbing the ladder and gluing it back fast. So when I moved my bed to the opposite wall and that cats began their reign of terror on it, I simply decided to let them take it off the wall.
As usual, that plan sucked like a Hoover as the wallpaper separated and left the ecru backing on the wall. As they tear a strip down, I pull it off the wall and have discovered it is creating a sort of an ancient boho chic artistic look that is random and something I REALLY like more than the wallpaper or the painted wall.
So many people tell me that they have no artistic talent and I always say to just let things happen. Sometime you create art, sometimes art creates you and sometimes art just happens.......I tend to be in the latter class. I start with a formal plan and then somewhere along the journey the cats get involved and the outcome doesn't even resemble my intention. It is always better. Let nature take her course and things just work out for the best. As I wrote this, a little pocket moon goddess fell out of somewhere and she has printed on the back: “May you always see the light of the Goddess on the path ahead.” Happy Beltaine!

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