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Why are they lying?

Why on earth are they lying?
That is really the premise of my research. There is too much evidence proving that all of “recorded” history a lie written by a small group of individuals for money. Yes, written for money and with money came power. But there is a secondary question or perhaps primary question that no one addresses. Money is an invention and power is an invention. Ask yourself, once out of the box, if either are actually necessary. The answer if you really stay out of the box is no. So both excuses for the lying to and subjugation (mental and/or physical slavery) of humans is an invention and where there is an invention, there has to be an inventor. Why did something invent this?
As I study all the various solid evidence that has been gathered and can no longer be suppressed in the “information age”, one has to ask why so much is invested in keeping, particularly religious people, ignorant of their own heritage. You may say to maintain the religious status quo, but it would be just as easy to claim new information “proving” the religious beliefs and not open yourself to ridicule. The same theory exists for science which for ages has just been ignoring anything that didn't agree with the religious time line as just not there. You must remember that all science/technology began and followed the orders of religion. It still does. Archeologists seek in the Turkish mountains something that cannot exist: Noah's Ark. Why can't it exist? It cannot exist because to repopulate any area, it takes at least 23/29 adults of differing genetic heritages otherwise you inbreed so severely that the line dies out in a few generations. There is no ark that big. And while we are talking about size, try to calculate how much 2 of every animal would weigh and biggest payload of any cruise ship, then factor in some really big waves and you can stop looking for a boat on a mountain and start looking for small pieces in the ocean. So why are so-called men of science on a fool's mission?
Why are the Rockefellers maintaining a “museum” in Israel to keep the Dead Sea Scrolls in? It would seem the Rothchildes would be more than capable of that, except the word museum indicates something on display and all but 2 of the scrolls are locked up in a climate controlled vault where they can never be touched or translated and the other two are not available to anyone who would actually publicize their content as they are deemed too controversial to be released. These scrolls are written in Sumerian and proto Sumerian, all of which are easily translated today, and are documents from the time that “Jesus” lived. They are not the original “Bible”, just documents of life in that era that so contradict the current version of the “Bible” that they can not be released to the general public because you are apparently so immature, stupid and worthless that you cannot have the history of your own kind written by your own ancestors. I find that insulting and I am not even of the belief systems spawned by Abraham.
However, you might want to follow this little piece of logic. If they can't translate this Sumerian ( lie), then how did they manage to translate the documents that became the Bible which would have originated at the same time as the Dead Sea Scrolls? Interesting, my dear Watson....someone has to be lying big time. Either someone made up the Bible hundreds to thousands of years later or they knew what was in the Dead Sea Scrolls to begin with and lied about it. Ah, but it cannot be the later because they translated two of them before they realized this was “dangerous information”. Here is another thing people do not seem to catch on to. Churchward and a whole cadre of amateur archeologists managed to get their hands on bunches of these scrolls by simply buying them in bazaars in the Middle East. They aren't very large and the holders make nice jewelry. You would be hard pressed to find one after the two founding families managed to get two of them translated. Doesn't it make you a little angry that the details of your savior's (Jesus) life is locked in a vault in Israel, untranslated (yeah, sure) and YOU will never be allowed to know one word of it? Let me repeat the important words: NEVER BE ALLOWED. I would be red haze, spitting mad, but that is just me.
What is needed for research of the variety I have done? Books, a yellow lined pad and a computer are the main tools, however the computer is last tool. Why? Simply because you love GOOGLE and Wikipedia but you don't know both are manipulated to give you the information that someone, somewhere wants you to have. GOOGLE works on a public algorithm placing the most used links first. So all you have to do is go out to a site multiple times, which can be done with several computers using various servers and not a human in sight, and you push the listing toward the top of the list or you can just pay to have it done. What the private algorithms are, no one knows but you can be pretty sure they refine the manipulation of what you see. Wikipedia relies on contributions by you and me but what you don't know is every subject has a committee that controls which of those submissions are allowed on the site and those committees have been proven to be more corrupt than Congress, furthering private monetary agendas (selling their books) and character assassination not to mention trying to wipe out entire bodies of information.
That is why I tend to rely on good old hard copy books and magazines whose words cannot be changed in the blink of an eye next time you log onto the net. In my favorite magazine I came upon a simple reference and picture...yes....there is a well defined black and white glossy made up of billions of megapixels because it is film, sitting in my hand. You may be aware that the Sumerians originated in the Middle East. What you may not know is the Middle East once had large portions of Africa included in it. Anyway, the Sumerians happily were involved in the occupation if not building of the pyramids, megalithic (huge stone) cities and things we have no idea what they were used for....however, the question of how you build a temple city by digging down into the ground so that the top of the temple is level with the surrounding area bears some thought and why the heck you would do it.
But the bigger question here, is how a bowl with Sumerian writing on it found its way into the Metallurgical Museum in Bolivia which is located in South America to the east of the joining point of Chile and Peru on the west coast of the continent. It originated there. One might also like to consider that Titicaca, the favorite word of all little boys learning the geography of South America has no roots in the language of the Mayans, Olmecs, Toltecs, Inca and definitely not the Aztecs. It does translate from Sumerian to tin vessel and the lake itself seems to be the site of extensive mining. While we are talking about Inca, you might want to consider that is also Sumerian: Enka. I always wondered about that word because it would seem the Spanish writing it down would have written Enca as the pronunciation of I and E are reversed in Spanish. On the other hand it seems they didn't make a mistake after all.
Into the fray of who is lying and why comes a new science that the Fundamentalist and Dominionist Christians want destroyed. It is the science of genetics which was doing really well flying under the radar until it discovered mitochondrial DNA or the DNA you inherit from your mother. It allowed a brand new type of archeologist to now join in human evolution war and suddenly new papers you were taught were LAW in college turn out to be just so much paper. Did you know that the two scientists that originated the Out of Africa theory of human evolution withdrew the theory and declared it WRONG a few years after publishing it? No, you didn't. That theory is still in text books and it is wrong. The math was wrong. Math never lies unless it is statistics and then it lies like a dirty dog. Statistics should not be permitted to be called math.
It seems mankind didn't originate in Africa at all. We originated somewhere around Australia. Aboriginal Mitochondrial DNA is contained in almost all of us. Remember Fringe and the watchers? Well, you are going to find this interesting as it isn't science fiction. It is the legend of the origin of mankind and a few metaphysical concepts from our ancestors, the Aboriginies.
“Whether the African strand of Homo sapiens emerged 40,000 years ago is of no account, our focus is on the much earlier Australian genes, journeys and heritage. We have examined a few of the locations reached, but as for the religious legacy of the Dreaming as evidenced through the nine shared mystical principles, underpinned by equality of gender and species, that is yet another chapter of an ancient story that spans eons and geography. Their intimate awareness of the divine, along with the lesser gifts of sailing, astronomy, brain surgery, penicillin, burial/cremation/embalming, amputations, axe-making, democracy, bows and arrows, and so much more, is part of a forgotten origin that deserves to be heard once more” Steven Strong.
The Aborigines are by their own admission, watchers. They record the progress of humankind without interference or judgment and from new mitochondrial evidence, remained in contact with the Dravidians of India until around 8,000 years ago when flooding isolated them.
Did they go to South America? Yes, their DNA is found in the indigenous peoples. Evidence of their migration into the Americas is found in areas like South Carolina. I firmly expect that if we do some digs in every heavily, anti-science state, we will find evidence of the Aborigine. Religion, the new way to suppress science when the colleges and universities fail to do so, should be the title of today's world.
But, why? Money and power are the tools. But, these are tools of something that wants to suppress knowledge that is exploding all over the world. What is the something?
That may be hinted at in Aborigine religion or metaphysics. Stated simply, they are the keepers of the spiritual and the ones who moved offshore and became the watchers of science and technology. Science and technology are the destroyers of the world in their “mythology” and only their metaphysics can prevent that or restore the world. This is what “something” doesn't want you to even get wind of and why it works tirelessly to suppress your real history.
You see, you have missed the most important question of all. Who did Abel and Cain marry? Who did the Aboriginal watchers leave Australia to watch and, as we know from studying DNA and an even more important little cell part; the part that contains the antigens, or little critters that the cell makes to protect you from local diseases, interbreed with to create what we are now, modern man. The Aborigines claim they are the first race, not the first men or humans, but the first race. The rest of are their descendants created from all the other known races and one UNKNOWN race. That is what they don't want you to know.
Those little Aboriginal DNA strands, depending on their concentration, connect you to the web of this planet and the Universe. They give you the spiritual longing and unfortunately the weakness to be manipulated by religion and its controllers as long as those controllers can promise you a spiritual experience you cannot seem to reach alone. It may just be the reason you can't reach it alone is you have no idea what it is and as long as technology can separate you from the matrix of earth, you cannot connect to the Aboriginal mind and DNA and hence can never reach the spiritual thing you seek. It's like having the biggest, fastest, best computer in the world and not being able to get on the Internet because you forgot to pay the DSL bill.
Have you ever wondered why churches are so technologically backwards? Most of them don't even want to give up natural lighting from those stained glass window or those big honking organs. Smaller ones don't even want simple microphone set-ups. Less technology and science is very much the road to more connection to spirituality until some smart person learns to use technology to connect to nature instead of to disconnect from nature. As long as the Church and its manipulator can be the sole provider of the experience, they have a good game going. It really explains how spiritual people are in church throwing good money into the plate for the poor and voting to cut food stamps as soon as they exit the door and seeing nothing contradictory about that.
But as long as religion and politics can convince you to deny the first two principles of Aboriginal metaphysics which is the equality of gender and species, you are doomed to ignorance, spiritual abandonment and exile from the Dreamtime which may well be the real world. So, do you want the red pill of separatism, power and money or the blue pill of equality, generosity, peace and spirituality? You have been convinced that blue pill is weakness but take a second look my friends. Number one is transient, it cannot last and feels really bad. Number two lasts forever, even through death.
That is really the question facing every person on this planet and I think you can see the stakes are really high for those in power. Power only exists if someone, somewhere gives up their power to you.
I heard something interesting I had forgot. Originally the peasants were too poor to have a really good piece of clothing to be buried in as functional clothing required pockets and pockets cost money in extra fabric. So the death suit was made to look good but had no pockets. Hence, you can't take it with you as you have nothing to carry it in....
When what you are carrying is imprinted on your soul, in your DNA or is your soul, you don't need money for pockets.

BUT, we still have no clue as to who manipulates the manipulators.  

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