Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Sky is Falling, the Grand Cross is Coming.

The Grand Cross of the 23rd is all over the astrological net and the sky is falling or so you would think. I have to admit, the aspects are alarming but every astrologer should know that every aspect, every position has two nice and one not so nice. So let's look at the Grand Cross.
I borrowed this from another astrologer who uses the same software I do for equal comparison's sake. Yes Mars is squaring old Pluto and normally that is an explosive combination. In a human chart, that would make for a really bad temper except for two things:
1. Mars (the god of war) is at his weakest in wishy washy Libra.
2. Pluto (the transformer) is not that happy in Capricorn (let's not change anything, I like my mountain cave. Please go home and leave me alone.).
The rest of Cross is very interesting
3. Uranus is very happy in explosive Aries who loves to start things and has no plan to finish them, but
4. Good old Jupiter (happy giving Liberal camper) is in home and family Cancer the crab (which always sidesteps every issue).
Oh dear this doesn't bode well for the end of the world.

This pretty much is the firecracker with no explosive dropped in a bucket of water and no one really cares.

Ah, but there are a few things this chart that is going around the internet left out:

This is the entire chart and it includes a Grand Trine. The Trine is exact to the Midheaven of the chart and that brings some strong cosmic energies into the mix which happen to be home and family Cancer which is trining Venus in Pisces, the most beautiful of lovers and the highest element of  metaphysical love and Saturn the teacher in Scorpio the sneaky and controlling. Saturn is lessons, karma and that you have learned. Nothing has ever won against Saturn.

The old guard expects everyone to rush into war and gets a shrug and maybe a kiss for his efforts or perhaps more likely, a kiss off. Sorry Merchants of War, no one is buying your product. The Truth is shining and you aren't controlling it. You have awakened the sleeping giant, womankind. We are sneaky and cunning and you are about to feel our wrath. Oh, and you aren't getting any until you change your ways but thanks for the chocolate.

Now these energies don't completely protect you from destruction because the Grand Cross occurs on the Ring of Fire, and that can and historically does bring earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Because of the Grand Trine in water signs, these may occur underwater and you should take to higher ground because we are talking tsunamis. I'd plan a 3 day vacation on a mountain top if I was in the line of fire, just to be safe.

I propose we spend every moment we can on April 23rd, thinking peaceful thoughts, refusing to listen to the propaganda (which will probably be in high gear), doing artistic things and communing with nature. This is a day we can spin the wheel of war out of our reality and simply refuse to participate. Let it grind the arms merchants into the ground. We have no need of them. They are obsolete.

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