Thursday, April 17, 2014

Is there coffee in the afterlife and are you getting a cup?

I have to laugh some times as I wonder what people expect is going to happen after life. Do you really expect to meet some supreme being who will offer you a comfy chair, a cup of tea or coffee and sit down with you, quill and parchment pad in hand and say, “Now, tell me all about what all those awful people did to you.”
Time to start laughing and I know you are giggling because you can see people you know actually expecting that and a massive planning session on how to get even with those who wronged you.
It doesn't work like that.
The most famous Chopra quote is, “You are a spiritual being having a human experience.”
You are energy, existing in a sea of energy with other energetic beings. Try to visualize living in an ocean. You are a jellyfish. You exist with other jellyfish (they are a colony of beings not one single being). There are currents you can go with or swim/push against. Whatever one jellyfish does affects all the other jellyfish because you are part of this huge bladder and none of you can really see the whole. The bladder may look like god to the limited perspective of a single creature living within but in reality, it has no brain, no will, or intelligence. It grows and exists simply to protect the little beings within it and here is the real kicker, the little beings actually create the bladder/god to protect themselves. It is nothing more than a shield against predators and the harsh conditions of the ocean. It is their city.
I think you can see that when one individual jellyfish dies, it doesn't meet the Supreme Bladder, have a cup of plankton and discuss its neighbors and all their failings.
Neither do you. The question will be simple. What did you do?
This is why I say the Law of Attraction is so much bunk. You do not attract, you emit energy. By your emissions or more accurately, omissions you bring a certain reality to you.
A simple law of nature tells us that nature abhors a vacuum, which in physics states that all things seek stasis or equilibrium. Water will flow from a higher level to a lower level until it is one level. A drop of ink placed in a glass of water will eventually disperse until the water is no longer completely clear. Substitute energy for water and ink and you understand the universe. You are the drop of ink that came into this life nice and compact. You are going to send your energy particles out into the glass of water you were dropped into (your family and community) until all the little drops blend together and create an energetic pool that then interacts with all the other energy pools in the huge Universe of energy. These energetic interactions follow the same rules as all do in physics and Particle Physics is just now realizing that the particles are just globs of energy constantly exchanging not particles but energy with all the energy around them.
The question you as a conscious energetic being will have to answer is what you did in this area of the quantum universe. What YOU did, not what others did to you.
So, I would suggest taking a few minutes to consider what you are really doing. You are the change. You are the center of your energy pool. What is happening because of you? Things are happening to you based on what others are doing and sending out. It is how you react and what you do with the energy that hits you, that will define your afterlives. There are no rewards. There is no heaven. There is no hell. There is a sum total of the energy you have created that you will now be subject to because in the soul state, you are it. You are the sum total of the energy you have emitted and you now get to become that energy.
Do you remember the Hindu concept that all souls returning to the one and some them return to this experience while, other having learned their lesson and becoming as the one is, become part of the one. If your energy is not compatible with the one, you return here or rather are bounced away from what you think is a god energy over and over until you become like it. Since you are a conscious energy, you are aware of this. You long for the one, the connectedness and the energy that is called love. The one could not exist if all its parts were trying to kill each other. You couldn't exist if you right hand decided to strangle you because it didn't like the perfume your nose decided to tell your brain to spray on your shoulders that morning.
You are a part of the One and until your energy is like that of the One, you keep being bounced away from the One and the further you are bounced, the more lonely you are and the greater the longing for the One that you seek its reflection in others in this area of existence. That is why really nasty people seek out good, gentle people and the energy seeking equilibrium tend to use up the gentle ones. Only in existing in a positive way with the others in this world, can you ever hope to return to that which you seek because what you seek is not a soul mate, but a soul energy that is so much greater than you. That is the meaning of the quote, “no man is an island.” We are all the sea and each and everyone of us affects the sea. It is all energy and vibration.
Seek to transform the world into the beautiful, loving god you want to believe exists and you will join with that energy. Seek to dominate, discriminate and destroy and that is “god” you will meet up with and back into the old energy soup you bounce.
Yes, we have entered a time where “evil” seems to outnumber “good”, but that does not take into account the power of good verses the force of evil. Eventually good will swamp what you think of as evil simply because power always trumps force. Force is isolated and fearful. Power is universal and fears nothing. Force exists for the benefit of the few trying to isolate themselves with ritual, sameness and walls of protection. Power is everything and exists simply to exist and grow for the benefit of everything. As the Aborigines say, Spirituality cannot exist until there is equality of gender and species. That is what true power seeks to do; celebrate the differences and unify them. Force seeks to isolate and accentuate the differences and pit them against each other. I think you can see which one is going to wear itself out.
It really is that simple. What did you do with the time you allotted yourself on this earth? Did you make people laugh or cry? Did you create beauty for all to enjoy or destroy beauty by forcing sameness? Did you try make the world a reflection of your fears by force or did you use your power to make the world a loving place?

We're all in this together and none of us is getting out of this alive.

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