Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Real Joy

No matter what the question is, the answer is Love.
You may have heard this a million times and shrugged because it is some hippie euphemism for getting high or something, some New Age blather for attracting things, or some religious promise for a glorious death or afterlife.
What you fail to see is the LOVE is not the love of something, someone or even yourself. Finally having that perfect hair day is not LOVE. Finally marrying the one you have pursued for years is not LOVE. Finally getting the house, job, car, action figure or any object is not LOVE. Finally getting the position or power you have fought for is not LOVE. Finally losing those last 5 pounds, wearing those skinny jeans or getting that 6 pack abs isn't LOVE. None of the above or the myriad of goals or things you have on a list of desires is LOVE or going to make you happy.
The LOVE that is the answer is the moment your core, inner values are expressed in your outer life and your actions. The LOVE that is the answer is what you seek and cannot see nor seem to find. The LOVE that is answer is within you because it is you.
I have watched people finally get where they have wanted to be all their lives. I have watched the smiles, the high fives, the fist pumps, the tears and never once seen joy. The only time I have seen joy is when the person walked up and simply said, okay, now lets get to work improving things for everyone. We are here, let's do it. I have only seen it when the goal was all inclusive and totally diverse.
I have watched those in power and seldom if ever seen joy. They are doing “what has to be done for the benefit of someone but not everyone”. I have watched those religious leaders pounding out their declarations of piety but never seen a smile. I have watched the threats of eternal damnation but never seen a welcome.
I have heard the promises of salvation, power, money, things, even love but never heard, come sit down and let's talk about you and the world. How do you fit in here? What are you passions, no not goals, not desires, not anything, but passions?
This election cycle has been my growth and understanding that what everyone seeks can never be held in their hands, can never be shown in the latest fashion, can never be found in celebrity. What everyone seeks is to unabashedly to be themselves, warts and all. Heck, let's put some glitter on those warts!
No amount of money buys you acceptance or love of self.
When you spend your time and energy on the outward appearance of yourself, your surroundings or your associates or even partners, somewhere inside that cocoon is a tiny little frightened being whimpering, afraid to show its beautiful self to the world and willing to hurt anyone that peeks behind the curtain because it is sure no one will really like it.
I lived in that world of dress for success, wear the uniform of your profession, you have to be and have X to be Y and I hated it. Night before last I went into BJ's in my gardening clothes, dirty and sweaty, hair looking like a sparse rat's nest and exhausted. I am not afraid to make eye contact with people and smile. As bad as I looked, and trust me, it was awful, one smile and people smiled back and even helped me with things. It was true Namaste. I may look as bad as I feel but my smile recognizes the Universe of love in you and accepts you as you are.
That's all anyone wants, acceptance. That is why you are lying, cheating and stealing your way to what you think is the top, because you are certain you will finally be with enough worshiping people to find the one that accepts you and brings out the best in you. That person was with you the moment you came into this world. That person is you and only you.
Only when you stop and say, gee, here I am the evil genius destroying this entire ungrateful world that won't see things the way I see them so I can remake it into my utopia and be supreme loved rules and all I really want to do is to paint that picture in my head even though I think I have no talent and am color blind but you know what, damn it all, I am buying the 10.00 paint set for kids and doing it so carry on with your lives I am not destroying or building utopia or anything today for you.

That is the day you will know real joy and love.

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